20+ AngularJS Interview Questions for Development

AngularJS Interview Questionsangularjs interview questions

1. What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a JavaScript structure, i.e., used to make a solitary website page application. It pursues MVC (Model View Controller) design. It is an open source, cross-program agreeable and simple to keep up.

2. What are the advantages of AngularJS?

  • Enables us to make a solitary page application
  • Pursues MVC design
  • Predefined structure approvals
  • Backings liveliness
  • Open source
  • Cross-program agreeable
  • Backings two-way information authoritative
  • Its code is unit testable

3. What are the disadvantages of AngularJS?

JavaScript Dependent: If end client debilitates JavaScript, AngularJS won't work.
Not Secured: It is a JavaScript-based system, so it isn't protected to confirm the client through AngularJS as it were.

4. Is AngularJS dependent on JQuery?

No. AngularJS is a JavaScript framework whereas JQuery is a JavaScript library.

5. What IDE's are currently used for the development of AngularJS?

Overshadowing - It is a standout amongst the most famous IDE. It underpins AngularJS modules.
Visual Studio - It is an IDE from Microsoft that gives a stage to create web applications effectively and in a split second.
WebStorm - It is a standout amongst the most dominant IDE for present day JavaScript advancement. It gives a simpler method to include conditions with rakish CLI
Aptana - It is a tweaked adaptation of Eclipse. It is allowed to utilize.
Glorious Text - It is a standout amongst the most recommendable editors for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is especially good with AngularJS code.

6. What are the features of AngularJS?

MVC - In AngularJS, you simply need to part your application code into MVC segments, i.e., Model, View and the Controller.
Approvals - It performs customer side structure approval.
Modules - It characterizes an application.
Orders - It indicates conduct on the DOM component.
Formats - It renders the dynamic view.
Degree - It unites the controller with the perspectives.
Articulations - It ties application information to HTML
Information Binding - It makes a two-way information authoritative between the select component and the orderProp show.
Channels - It gives the channel to organize information.
Administrations - It stores and offers information over the application.
Steering - It is utilized to construct a solitary page application.
Reliance Injection - It indicates a plan design in which segments are given their conditions as opposed to hardcoding them inside the segment.
Testing - It is anything but difficult to test any of the AngularJS parts through unit testing and start to finish testing.

7. What are the directives in AngularJS?

Orders are the markers on DOM component that is utilized to indicate conduct on that DOM component. All AngularJS orders begin with "ng". There are numerous in-assembled orders in AngularJS, for example, "ng-application", "ng-demonstrate", "ng-controller", "ng-rehash" and so on

8. What is the usage of controllers in AngularJS?

  • AngularJS Controllers are utilized to:
  • Set up the underlying condition of the $scope object, and
  • Add conduct to the $scope object.
  • What are the services in AngularJS?
  • AngularJS Controllers are utilized to:
  • Set up the underlying condition of the $scope object, and
  • Add conduct to the $scope object.

9. What is the module in AngularJS?

A module is a holder for the distinctive parts of use like controller, administrations, channels, mandates and so forth. It treats as a principle() technique. A module is made utilizing a precise article's module() technique.

10. What is routing in AngularJS?

A steering is an instrument that constructs an application as a Single Page Application. It courses the application to various pages without reloading the application.

11. What is a template in AngularJS?

A format comprises of HTML, CSS and AngularJS mandates that are utilized to render the dynamic view.

12. What are the different types of filters in AngularJS?

Cash - It organizes a number to a money position.
Date - It organizes a date to a predefined position.
Channel - It chooses a subset of things from a cluster.
JSON - It organizes an article to a Json string.
Utmost - It is utilized to restrain a cluster/string, into a predefined number of components/characters.
Lowercase - It organizes a string to bring down case.
Number - It designs a number to a string.
Orderby - It arranges a cluster by an articulation.
Capitalized - It arranges a string to capitalized.