20+ Backbone.js Interview Questions for Web Development

Backbone.js Interview Questions

Backbone.js Interview Questions

1. Explain Backbone.js?

Backbone.js is a light weighted Framework dependent on JavaScript. It is utilized to build up the customer side applications which keep running on an internet browser. Creating customer side applications in Backbone.js is really simple and devours a lesser measure of time. It underpins Model-View-Controller engineering.

2. In which language, Backbone.js is written?

The backbone.js is written in JavaScript. It is a JavaScript library that contains a RESTful JSON interface.

3. When and by Whom the Backbone.js was released?

  • Backbone.js was at first discharged on October 13, 2010, by Jeremy Ashkenas.
  • Which is the latest stable version of Backbone.js and what is its released date?
  • The most recent stable rendition of Backbone.js is 1.3.3, and it was discharged on April 5, 2016.

4. What are the main components of Backbone.js?

Principle segments of Backbone.js:
  • Show - It performs different kinds of activity on the information like approval, change, figured properties, get to control. 
  • View - It indicates how your information resembles. 
  • Accumulation - It handles the stacking and sparing of new models to the server. 
  • Switch - It is utilized for steering customer side applications and associating them to activities and occasions. 
  • Occasion class object - It encourages the articles to tie and trigger the custom occasions by utilizing our preferred ideal name.
  • Explain the Architecture of Backbone.js
  • Backbone.js bolsters Model-View-Controller engineering that enables designers to isolate business rationale and GUI rationale. 
  • Demonstrate: It comprises of information and the rationale of the information recovery from the server. 
  • View: It comprises of the code which is in charge of the end UI, i.e., the manner by which the application is displayed to the client. 
  • Controller: It is the primary application rationale which controls the conduct of the application. It is a piece of the code which goes about as an extension among Model and View.

5. When do you require Backbone.js?

Backbone.js is required in following conditions:
When you are building up a web application that requires a ton of JavaScript.
It is required when you need to offer structure to your code if your application should be versatile.
Spine is helpful when a web application needs to work with jQuery to cross the DOM or give activitys.
At the point when demonstrate changes and you need to refresh the HTML application consequently.

6. What is Collection in Backbone.js?

A Collection can be characterized as an arranged arrangement of modules. In Backbone.js, there is an accumulation class which furnishes some helpful strategies to manage the accumulations. We can stretch out the gathering class to give some extra functionalities.

7. Which are the three js files that are required to setup Backbone.js?

Following are the three js files that you require to setup Backbone.js:
  • jQuery
  • Backbone
  • Underscore

8. What is the use of Backbone.js router?

Backbone.js switches are utilized to course the application's URL to some specific activities and occasions. No less than one course should be available for each characterized switch. It likewise characterizes the URL portrayal of the application's item when web applications give linkable, bookmarkable, and sharable URL.

9. Describe Backbone events?

Backbone.js occasion can be characterized as the module which can be blended with any article. There are following techniques which are utilized to control Backbone.js occasions,
on - It ties an occasion to an item and executes the callback at whatever point an occasion is terminated.
off - It evacuates callback capacities or all occasions from an item.
trigger - It summons the callback capacities for the given occasions.
once - It expands the spine show class while making your very own spine demonstrate.
listenTo - It educates one article to tune in to an occasion on another item.
stopListening - It can be utilized to quit tuning in to occasions on alternate articles.
listenToOnce - It influences the audience, to happen just once before the callback work is being expelled.

10. What is a View in Backbone.js?

A view is the imperative piece of the Backbone.js engineering. In a Backbone.js application, a view is in charge of the end UI. The view characterizes the manner by which the application took a gander at the client. The View is additionally in charge of tuning in to the occasions and responding to them as needs be.

11. What is Modelbinder in Backbone.js?

Display Binder is a class which is utilized to tie the model and the view together. The coupling is done to chronicle synchronization.

12. Mention some most robust functionalities of Model binder?

Some most vigorous functionalities of the model cover are
  • It enables the engineer to characterize the extension when restricting is made utilizing J-Query. 
  • In a portion of the cases, we can depend on the default perusing rules which depend on the name property of HTML. 
  • The checking guidelines can be reclassified if the perspectives are muddled.

What are the advantages of Backbone.js?

Favorable circumstances of Backbone.js:
  • You can build up a web application with Backbone.js by utilizing JavaScript with the insignificant arrangement of information organizing (models and accumulations) and UI (sees and URLs). 
  • It is best to create MVC like web applications, single page web applications or complex JavaScript web applications in a sorted out and organized way without JavaScript code blending with HTML. 
  • It gives API numerous capacities. 
  • It gives a key-esteem authoritative and custom occasions. 
  • It encourages you to extract your information into models and your DOM application into perspectives and ties the two together utilizing occasions.

13. What is a Converter in Backbone.js?

The Converter is a capacity which is utilized to change over the JavaScript item to a model. It is conjured when the change is made between a HTML component and the model's characteristic.

14. What is sync in Backbone.js?

Match up is a capacity that is called unfailingly. It endeavors to peruse or spare a model to the server. It perseveres the condition of the model to the server.

15. What are the methods of utility in Backbone.js?

Two techniques can be utilized to control the Backbone.js utility:
Backbone.noConflict: It restores the Backbone articles to its unique esteem and gives an office to store the reference to a spine. It tends to be utilized to insert the spine on outsider sites, where you would prefer not to whip the current spine.
Backbone.$: This property is utilized when you have numerous duplicates of jQuery on the page or need to advise Backbone to utilize a specific item as its DOM/Ajax library.

16. Mention the case where you can use the unbinding function in Backbone.js?

Unbinding function is used to remove the bindings on the model.

17. What are the configuration options available in Backbone.js?

There are the following configuration options available in Backbone.js.
  • modelSetOptions
  • boundAttributes
  • supressThrows
  • converter
  • change Triggers
  • InitialCopyDirection

18. What are the functionalities of parse in Backbone.js?

The information, which is come back from the server because of a bring or store task, is called parse. It is utilized to restore the model's information by going into the reaction object.