Beauty Camera Apps: Stealing users' information was removed by Google Beauty App, Google

Beauty Camera Apps Stealing users' information was removed by Google Beauty App, Google

Every Smartphone smartphone depends only on different apps. Everything is done through some application till the call is taken from the photo to the photo. The increasing use of smartphones has also created a parallel market for Apes. Some app developers also take advantage of this market in a wrong way. Many app developers try to steal user information by fraud.

Google has recently removed 29 Beauty Camera Apps from its Android platform. All these apps used to take users to a phishing website, where their personal information was threatened with theft. Millions of people downloaded these apps. The number of those who used them in Asian countries was high. In particular, the Indians downloaded them in large numbers. According to US Cyber ​​Security firm Trend Micro, Google has removed these apps from the Play Store.

Show fake advertising

According to the report, when the user installs one of these apps, then he does not feel anything wrong. After installing, these apps start popping up advertisements on the user's smartphone screen. Advertisements are often related to fake and porn. Ads come in such a way that it is also difficult for the user to know what the source of advertising is. On clicking, these ads often take users to such links, where they are asked for personal information such as name and phone number.

Uninstalling is also difficult

Users can easily install these apps, but it is difficult to uninstall them. These apps make a shortcut as often installed. After the shortcut, their icon disappears from the app list. In such a situation, it is not possible for the user to drag and uninstall them directly. To uninstall, the user has to go to settings.