25+ Online Framework7 Interview Questions

Online Framework7 Interview Questions

Framework7 Interview Questions

1. What is Framework7?

The Framework7 is a free and open-source versatile HTML structure. It is utilized to create crossover versatile applications or web applications for iOS and Android gadgets. It is perfect with different structures like likewise resemble Angular, React.

2. In which year Framework7 was introduced?

The Framework7 was introduced in 2014. Its latest version v3.1.1 was released on August 3, 2018, licensed under MIT.

3. What is the reason behind Framework7 popularity?

  • The Framework7 is famous in view of the accompanying reasons: 
  • It encourages you to create applications for iOS and Android both. 
  • The expectation to absorb information for Framework7 is simple. 
  • Framework7 has numerous pre-styled gadgets/segments. 
  • It has worked in aide libraries

4. What are the main features of Framework7?

Primary highlights of Framework7: 
  • Framework7 is an open source structure, so it is allowed to utilize. 
  • Framework7 has simple and well-known jQuery sentence structure so you can learn it very effectively. 
  • Framework7 has the worked in FastClick library, so it is anything but difficult to control-click delay for contact UI's. 
  • Framework7 has worked in matrix framework format for orchestrating your components responsively. 
  • Framework7 powerfully stacks the page from the layout through adaptable switch API.

5. What are the advantages of Framework7?

Focal points of Framework7: 
  • Framework7 isn't reliant on any outsider library. 
  • Framework7 has its custom DOM7 for DOM control. 
  • Framework7 can likewise be utilized with Angular and React structures. 
  • Framework7 encourages you to make applications once you know HTML, CSS, and some essential JavaScript. 
  • It underpins quicker improvement through Bower. 
  • It is anything but difficult to create applications for iOS and Android without learning it.

6. What are the disadvantages of Framework7?

Disadvantages of Framework7:
  • Framework7 only supports platforms like iOS and Android.
  • The online community support for Framework7 is not as broad as iOS and Andriod.

7. What are the several layouts for Framework7?

  • Framework7 gives distinctive kinds of formats to your application. It underpins for the most part four sorts of Navbar/Toolbar formats: 
  • Static Layout: The static format is frequently utilized design type and incorporates navbar and toolbar which can be scrollable page content and each page contains its navbar and toolbar. 
  • Fixed Layout: Fixed design utilizes its navbar and toolbar which can be noticeable on screen and can't be scrollable on the page. 
  • Through Layout: In through format, the navbar and toolbar seem fixed for all pages inside a solitary view. 
  • Blended Layout: This design is a blend of all the above formats in the single view.

8. What are Navbars in Framework7?

There are three sections in navbars which may contain any HTML content in the accompanying way: 
  • Abandoned: It is intended to put backlink symbols or single content connection. 
  • Focus: It is utilized to show the title of the page or tab joins. 
  • Right: This part can be utilized comparably as left part.

9. What is the use of different navbars in Framework7?

Following is a rundown of various navbars with subtleties: 
  • Fundamental navbar: An essential navbar can be made by utilizing the navbar, navbar-inward, left, focus and right classes. 
  • Navbar with connections: To utilize interfaces in left and right piece of your navbar, include tag with a class connect. 
  • Various connections: To utilize different connections, include a couple of more to your preferred piece. 
  • Connections with content and symbols: The connections can be furnished with symbols and content by including classes for symbols and wrapping the connection content with the component. 
  • Connections with just symbols: Navbar connections can be furnished with just symbols by adding symbol just class to joins. 
  • Related application and view strategies: On instating the View, framework7 enables you to utilize techniques accessible for the navbar. 
  • Stow away navbar naturally: The navbar can be covered up/appeared for some Ajax stacked pages where a navbar isn't required.

10. What are the toolbars in Framework7?

Toolbars are used to provide easy access to other pages by using navigation elements at the bottom of the screen.

11. What are the different Framework7 toolbars to use?

You can use toolbars in two ways as specified in the table.
Hide Toolbar: If you want to hide the toolbar automatically when you load the pages, use the no-toolbar class to loaded page.
Bottom Toolbar: Place the toolbar at the bottom of the page by using the toolbar-bottom class.

12. What are the different methods used with the toolbar?

Following is a rundown of techniques utilized with toolbars: 
  • myApp.hideToolbar(toolbar): It conceals the predefined toolbar. 
  • myApp.showToolbar(toolbar): It demonstrates the predetermined toolbar. 
  • view.hideToolbar(): It conceals the predefined toolbar in the view. 
  • view.showToolbar(): It demonstrates the predefined toolbar in the view.

13. What is Search Bar in Framework 7?

SearchBar is obtained in Framework 7 by using the SearchBar class. It is used for searching the elements.

14. What are the different SearchBar properties in framework 7?

Following is a rundown of various SearchBar properties: 
  • mySearchbar.params: It speaks to the introduced parameters go with an article. 
  • mySearchbar.query: It looks through the flow question. 
  • mySearchbar.searchList: It characterizes the inquiry list square. 
  • mySearchbar.container: It characterizes the pursuit bar holder with HTML component. 
  • mySearchbar.input: It characterizes the pursuit bar contribution with HTML component. 
  • mySearchbar.active: It characterizes whether the hunt bar is empowered or incapacitated.

15. What are the different SearchBar methods?

Following is a rundown of SearchBar strategies: 
  • mySearchbar.search(query): This strategy is utilized to look through the passed inquiry. 
  • mySearchbar.enable(): It is utilized to empower the inquiry bar. 
  • mySearchbar.disable(): It is utilized to impair the hunt bar. 
  • mySearchbar.clear(): It encourages you can clear the question and indexed lists. 
  • mySearchbar.destroy(): It is utilized to devastate the inquiry bar occurrence.

16. What is Layout grid in Framework 7?

The Framework7 provides different types of grid types for placing the content according to user needs.
The layout grid is used to provide different types of columns size.

17. What do you know by Overlays in Framework 7?

  • In Framework7, overlays are utilized to work with applications easily. Following is a rundown of some Overlays in Framework 7: 
  • Modular: Modal is a little window which is utilized to show content from isolated sources without leaving the parent window. 
  • Popup: Popup is a popup box which is utilized to show the substance when the client taps on the component. 
  • Popover: It deals with the introduction of the impermanent substance. 
  • Activity Sheet: The Action Sheet is utilized to give the client a lot of potential outcomes for how to deal with a given assignment. 
  • Login Screen: Overlay login screen shows login screen group which can be utilized in page or popup or as an independent overlay. 
  • Picker Modal: Picker modular is utilized to pick some custom substance which is like schedule picker.

18.vWhat Is Accordion In Framework7?

In Framework 7, the accordion is a graphical control component shown as a stacked rundown of things. Every accordion can be extended or extended to uncover the substance related with that accordion.

19. What are the different classes used for accordion in Framework 7?

  • Following classes are utilized in Framework 7 accordion: 
  • accordion-show: It is a discretionary class contains the gathering of accordion things list. 
  • accordion-thing: It is a required class for a solitary accordion thing. 
  • accordion-thing switch: It is a required class used to grow accordion thing content. 
  • accordion-thing content: It is a required class utilized for concealed accordion thing content. 
  • accordion-thing extended: It is a solitary extended accordion thing.
  • What are the cards in Framework 7?
  • The Framework 7 cards contain composed data identified with a solitary subject like a photograph, connection, and content. 
Following is a rundown of Framework 7 card sort: 
Card HTML Layout: The essential card HTML design utilizes card classes to organize its things.
Rundown View With Cards: You can utilize cards as rundown see components by adding cards-list class to

20. What is the use of the floating action button in Framework 7?

The Framework7 Floating Action Button is utilized for advanced activity. It resembles an orbited symbol drifting over the UI and has movement practices that incorporate transforming, propelling, and an exchanging grapple point.
There are 3 sorts of activity catches utilized in Framework7: 
  • Drifting Action Button Layout: It is extremely straightforward. You need to put it as an offspring of page or view. 
  • Transform to Popover: If you need to open popover on tapping the gliding activity catch, at that point you can utilize coasting catch to-popover class. 
  • Speed Dial: You can summon related activities after tapping the coasting activity catch by utilizing speed dial.

21. What is the autocomplete in Framework 7?

In Framework7, autocomplete is a portable well disposed and contact enhanced segment, which can be a drop-down or in an independent manner. You can make and introduce Autocomplete occurrence by utilizing the JavaScript technique:
Here, parameters are required objects used to initialize the Autocomplete instance.