10+ Online Materialize CSS Interview Questions

Materialize CSS Interview Questions

Materialize CSS Interview Questions

1. What is Materialize CSS?

Appear CSS is a CSS structure which contains library records. It is made with CSS, JavaScript and HTML. It is utilized to make alluring, solid, and useful site pages and web applications.

2. When was Materialize CSS released?

Materialized CSS was released on 8 November 2015

3. What are the salient features of Materialize CSS?

Following is a rundown of some remarkable highlights of Materialize CSS: 
  • It contains In-assembled responsive planning. 
  • It furnishes standard CSS with insignificant impression. 
  • It gives new forms of basic UI controls, for example, catches, checkboxes, and content fields adjusted to pursue Material Design ideas. 
  • It encourages improved and concentrated highlights, for example, cards, tabs, route bars, toasts, etc. 
  • It is allowed to utilize and requires jQuery JavaScript library to work appropriately. 
  • It is cross-program upheld, and can be utilized to make reusable web parts.

4. How do we use Materialize CSS?

There are two techniques to utilize Materialize CSS: 
Neighborhood Installation: It is accomplished by downloading the materialize.min.css and materialize.min.js documents on our nearby machine and incorporate them in your HTML code.
CDN Based Version: By including the materialize.min.css and materialize.min.js records into our HTML code specifically from the Content Delivery Network (CDN).

5. Which are the different Utility classes in Materialize CSS?

A rundown of various Utility classes in Materialize CSS: 
  • Shading utility classes: Examples: .red, .green, .dim and so forth. 
  • Arrangement utility classes: Examples: .valign-wrapper, .left-adjust, .right-adjust, .focus adjust, .left, .right and so on. 
  • Concealing Content utility classes according to gadget estimate: Examples: .shroud, .stow away on-little just, .cover up on-prescription just and so on. 
  • Designing utility classes: Examples: truncate, hoverable and so forth.

6. Which classes are used to create responsive images and videos in Materialize CSS?

List of classes used to create responsive images and videos in Materialize CSS:
  • responsive-img: This class is used to create an responsive image.
  • video-container: This class is used to create responsive container. That has embedded videos.
  • responsive-video: This class is used to create HTML5 videos responsive.

7. What are the classes of BreadCrumb in Materialize CSS?

Materialize CSS provides two classes for BreadCrumb:
  • nav-wrapper: It is used to set the nav component as breadcrumb/nav bar wrapper.
  • breadcrumb: It is used to set the anchor element as breadcrumb.

8. What are the dropdown classes in Materialize CSS?

There are two types of dropdown classes in Materialize CSS:
  • dropdown-content: It Identifies HTML tag as an materialize dropdown component.
  • data-activates: It is id of the dropdown ul element.