Safer Internet Day: Keep Your Phone, Data and Social Networking Account Safe

Safer Internet Day: Keep Your Phone, Data and Social Networking Account Safe

The Internet is considered to be extremely vulnerable to the world because hackers are constantly watching data available on it. However, there are several ways to keep data safe on the internet, but still the danger remains. It is your responsibility to keep your data and phone safe and Google has given three tips for it. On the occasion of Secure Internet Day, Google has shared these tips with its users, which will help them keep their smartphones and data on the internet safe.

Keep the Fours Safe

Google recommends new users to download apps from Google's Place Store. According to the company, Google Play Protect scans 50 billion apps every day. If anything looks suspicious, then it removes them. Apart from this, Google also recommends that the user keep his screen safe from special passwords. Also add a Google Account to your phone so it can be easier to find. If the phone is lost or stolen, the find can be found through my device.

Keep data safe

Google claims that he takes full care of security in every product. For example, whenever a user downloads third-party sites, it is notified that his information will be shared on the app.

  • Keep your account even secure
  • Apart from this, Google also advised users to check their own Google Account.
  • Be alert about social media
  • Two-step verification

You can enable two-step verification or dual step verification on platforms such as Whatsapp, Instagram, twitter, Facebook and Google. After enabling this verification, any hacker logs in to your account, then there is a security code on your mobile number that will be logged in your account only after you enter it.