Social media is also posted by your friends, your threat to privacy

Social media is also posted by your friends, your threat to privacy

Through social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter, there is talk of people coming into the limelight. Between these reports, such people are often comforted, who have kept distance from the social media. The results of a recent study can also cause such people to sleep. This study is done by the University of Vermont of the US and the University of Adelaide researchers in Australia.

Researchers said that many people who are not on social media know about the post of their friends and close people. At times, 95 per cent of these posts can be accurately estimated as to what is the plan of a person in the coming days.

According to the study, privacy is the world's secondhand smoking in the world of social media. The way you smoke around, your health is threatened. Just like your friends' social media account can threaten your privacy.

For the study, scientists analyzed more than 30 million public posts of 13,905 users on Twitter. Scientists found that without the help of your eight-nine friends' Twitter messages, without going to your profile, it is easy to guess what your last tweet was.

Researcher James Bagro said: "When you login to a social site, you do not even own it, you also leak many of your friends' privacy." Researchers said that a company can easily create your profile with the help of your friends' post. He can know what your political leaning is, how you like the product, and what religious trends you have.

Bagro said - "It is clear from the results that your efforts alone are not enough to save your privacy, it is also necessary to support your friends."