10+ Online XForms Interview Questions

XForms Interview Questions

XForms Interview Questions

1. How is XForms related to HTML Forms?

XForms is the new age of HTML Forms.

2. What are the most important features of XForms?

A rundown of most critical highlights of XForms:
  • XForms is utilized to create shapes that are a lot more extravagant and adaptable than HTML frames. 
  • XForms will go about as structure standard in XHTML2.0. 
  • XForms is stage and gadget autonomous. 
  • XForms can be utilized to isolate rationale and gadget from introduction. 
  • XForms can be utilized to characterize information of structure. 
  • XForms can be utilized to store and transport information into a XML archive. 
  • XForms can likewise be utilized to perform computation and furthermore to approve our structures. 
  • XForms additionally help us to diminish or eleminate need of scripting. 
  • XForms is a W3C Recommendation.

3. When XForms 1.0 become a W3C Recommendation?

XForms 1.0 has become W3C recommendation since October 2003.

4. How might you say that XForms is successor of HTML Forms?

HTML Forms are utilized to gather contribution from web application. HTML Forms is a piece of HTML standard. In the wake of gathering the data sources the web client attempt to comprehend complex exchanges yet HTML standard achieves that errand.
To defeat from this constraint XForms is utilized. Since utilizing XForms handle a more extravagant, increasingly secure and gadget autonomous web input. XForms are bolstered by every future program.

How XForms is used to separate data from presentation?

XForms can be utilized to perform the two undertakings to characterize information and to show information.
  • To Define Data: XForms utilizes XML to characterize information. 
  • To Display Data: XForms utilizes HTML or XHTML to show information. 
  • Utilizing XForms we can isolate information rationale of a structure from its introduction.

5. How can you store and transport data using XForms?

We can perform assignment of store and transport information utilizing XForms. Utilizing XForms we can store information or to submit information from the structure. We use XML to exchange information over the net.Keep as a primary concern XForms Store and Transform information as Unicode bytes.

6. How can you say that XForms is device independent?

XForms is gadget free since it is utilized to isolate information from introduction and makes you ready to utilize information models for all gadgets.
It encourages you to tweak introduction for various UI like cell phones, handheld gadgets and so on.

7. What is the benefit of device independent feature of XForms?

Gadget free highlights of XForms makes you ready to include XForms component into other XML application straightforwardly for example WML(Wireless Markup Language),VoiceXML and so on.

8. How to define XForms Framework?

The principle reason for XForms is to gather information. Info information utilizing XForms can be portrayed into two distinct parts.
XForm show: XForms display is utilized to depict the information and the rationale. Utilizing XForms, we can characterize what the structure is, the thing that information it contains and what it ought to do.
XForm UI: XForm UI is utilized to perform information and yield undertaking on information. It characterizes the information fields and how they ought to be shown.

9.What is the use of Actions in XForms?

Actions are used to handle responses to events in XForms. There are two types of actions in XForms:
  • Message Action
  • Setvalue Action