25+ Online XQuery Interview Questions

Online XQuery Interview Questions

XQuery Interview Questions

1. What is XQuery?

XQuery is a case-touchy XML inquiry language which was intended to question XML information. It is same like SQL for database tables. XQuery is utilized to recover information from the XML document.

2. What is the use of XQuery language?

XQuery is a useful language for finding and removing components and qualities from XML records. Some use of the XQuery language is as per the following:
  • To recover both hierarchal and forbidden information. 
  • To inquiry both tree and graphical structures. 
  • To construct pages. 
  • To inquiry pages. 
  • To change XML records into XHTML archives. 
  • Best for XML-based databases and article based databases. Article databases are significantly more adaptable and incredible than simply forbidden databases.

3. In which year XQuery first appeared?

XQuery was first showed up in 2007. It was planned by W3C and turned into the W3C suggestion on January 23, 2007. XQuery 3.0 is a W3C proposal from April 8, 2014.

4. Explain the syntax rules for XQuery.

A rundown of essential sentence structure rules for XQuery:
  • XQuery is case touchy. 
  • Traits and factors that we utilized ought to have legitimate XML names in XQuery components. 
  • XQuery ought to be composed inside single and twofold statements. 
  • XQuery factors ought to be characterized as $(variable name). For instance: $book. 
  • XQuery remark can be composed between colon (:). Like :(: Comment in XQuery:)
  • What is the difference between XQuery and XPath?
  • Distinction among XQuery and XPath: 
  • XQuery is the utilitarian programming and question language while XPath is XML way language. 
  • XQuery is utilized to separate and control information from either XML records or social databases while XPath is utilized to process esteems like strings, numbers and Boolean sorts from another XML archives.

5. What is the difference between XQuery and XSLT?

  • XQuery is program driven while XSLT is report driven. 
  • XQuery is explanatory while XSLT is useful. 
  • XSLT is written in XML while XQuery isn't written in XML.
  • How to define functions in XQuery?
  • XML has many worked in capacities. XQuery works commonly made perform with string esteems, numeric qualities, date and time examinations, Boolean qualities. XQuery likewise encourages you to make your capacities.

6. What type of queries can the XQuery solve?

XQuery can be utilized to settle the accompanying questions in XML information:
  • XQuery is utilized to recover data in a web administration. 
  • It is utilized to produce the rundown report. 
  • It is utilized to change information from XML to XHTML. 
  • It very well may be utilized when we need some significant data from Web archives.

7. What do you mean by XQuery FLWOR?

  • FLWOR is an abbreviation which means "For, Let, Where, Order by, Return." 
  • For - It is utilized to choose a grouping of hubs. 
  • Let - It is utilized to tie a grouping to a variable. 
  • Where - It is utilized to channel the hubs. 
  • Request by - It is utilized to sort the hubs. 
  • Return - It is utilized to determine what to return (gets assessed once for each hub).

8. What is the use of XQuery HTML format?

XQuery HTML format is a way to transform an XML document into an HTML page

9. What is the syntax of XQuery language?

The components, traits and factors in XQuery language must be substantial XML names and pursue case affectability.

10. What do you mean by XQuery add?

XQuery include is utilized for including components, qualities, HTML components and content in the outcomes from the information archives.

What are the different types of XQuery functions?

A rundown of various kinds of XQuery capacities:
  • Accessor Functions 
  • Blunder and Trace Functions 
  • Numeric Functions 
  • String Functions 
  • AnyURI Functions 
  • Boolean Functions 
  • Length/Date/Time Functions 
  • QName Functions 
  • Hub Functions 
  • Grouping Functions 
  • Setting Functions

11. What are the uses of time and date function in XQuery?

In XQuery, time and date work are utilized to get time and date. There are three kinds of time and date works in XQuery:
  • current-date() 
  • current-time() 
  • current-datetime()

12. What is the use of current-date() function in XQuery?

The XQuery current date work is utilized to recover the present date.

13. What is the use of current-time() function in XQuery?

The XQuery current-time work is utilized to recover the present time.

14. What is the use of current-datetime() function in XQuery?

The XQuery current-date time() work is utilized to restore the present date and time.

15. What is the difference between XPath expressions and FLWOR expressions in XQuery?

Way and FLWOR both can be utilized to inquiry the XML record yet in an unexpected way. In XPath articulation, we can indicate the hub which ought to be chosen from the XML record alongside a condition which ought to be filled to get the XML report. A condition can be of any sort, for instance, on the off chance that we need to show the names of the books whose cost is under thirty dollars. Such condition can be connected to XPath articulations.
While in FLWOR articulation as the name recommends 'F' 'L' 'W' 'O' 'R' alludes to 'for' 'let' 'Where' 'Request by' 'Return.' Where Return is obligatory and whatever is left of the components, for example, 'for' 'let' 'where' 'request by' are discretionary.

16. What is meant by the word ?node? in XQuery?

Each component inside the XML archive is treated as a hub.

17. How many kinds of nodes are there in XQuery?

There were principally seven sorts of hubs accessible in the XQuery recorded underneath:
  • Component 
  • Characteristic 
  • Content 
  • Namespace 
  • Handling guidance 
  • Remark 
  • Record (root) hub.

18. What do you mean by atomic values in XQuery?

Nuclear qualities allude to the hubs with no parent and youngsters.

19. Explain the relationship of different nodes in XQuery?

Parent: Each component and quality has one parent hub.
Youngsters: Elements hub may have zero, one or different kids.
Kin: Siblings alludes to the hubs which have a similar parent hub.
Precursors: A hub's parent' guardians... and so forth.
Relatives: A hub's youngsters' kids' .... And so forth.

20. What is meant by for clause in XQuery?

For statement is utilized inside the FLWOR articulation to tie a variable to every thing returned by the articulation. There can be at least one 'for' statement in a similar articulation.

21. What is meant by the order by clause in XQuery?

Request by condition is utilized inside the FLWOR articulation to orchestrate the returned an incentive by the FLWOR articulation either in climbing request or in dropping request or in order. Request by statement is discretionary in FLWOR.

22. Which clause is compulsory in XQuery and why?

Return provision is required to be included the FLWOR articulation in light of the fact that the essential target of the question is to choose a few information.