51+ Android Interview Questions

51+ Android Interview Questions

Android Interview Questions

1) What is Android? 

Android is an open-source, Linux-based working framework utilized in mobiles, tablets, TVs, and so forth.

2) Who is the originator of Android? 

Andy Rubin.

3) Explain the Android application Architecture. 

Following is a rundown of segments of Android application engineering:

Administrations: Used to perform foundation functionalities.

Expectation: Used to play out the interconnection among exercises and the information passing system.

Asset Externalization: strings and designs.

Warning: light, solid, symbol, notice, discourse box and toast.

Content Providers: It will share the information between applications.

4) What are the code names of android? 









Dessert Sandwich

Jam Bean




5) What are the upsides of Android? 

Open-source: It implies no permit, dispersion and advancement expense.

Stage free: It underpins Windows, Mac, and Linux stages.

Supports different advancements: It bolsters camera, Bluetooth, wifi, discourse, EDGE and so on advances.

Very upgraded Virtual Machine: Android utilizes a profoundly advanced virtual machine for cell phones, called DVM (Dalvik Virtual Machine).

6) Does android bolster different dialects than java?

Truly, an android application can be created in C/C++ additionally utilizing android NDK (Native Development Kit). It makes the execution quicker. It ought to be utilized with Android SDK.

7) What are the center structure squares of android? 

The center structure squares of Android are:





Content Provider

Part and so on.

8) What is movement in Android? 

Movement resembles a casing or window in java that speaks to GUI. It speaks to one screen of android.

9) What are the existence cycle techniques for android action? 

There are 7 life-cycle strategies for movement. They are as per the following:








10) What is purpose? 

It is a sort of message or data that is passed to the parts. It is utilized to dispatch an action, show a website page, send SMS, send email, and so forth. There are two sorts of goals in android:

Understood Intent

Express Intent

11) How are see components recognized in the android program? 

View components can be distinguished utilizing the catchphrase findViewById.

12) Define Android toast. 

An android toast gives criticism to the clients about the activity being performed by them. It shows the message in regards to the status of activity started by the client.

13) Give a rundown of weak envelopes in android 

The accompanying organizers are proclaimed as inept in android:







14) Explain the utilization of 'pack' in android? 

We use packs to pass the expected information to different subfolders.

15) What is an application asset record?

The records which can be infused for the structure up of a procedure are called as application asset document.

16) What is the utilization of LINUX ID in android? 

A one of a kind Linux ID is appointed to every application in android. It is utilized for the following of a procedure.

17) Can the bytecode be written in java be kept running on android? 


18) List the different stockpiles that are given by Android. 

The different stockpiling given by android are:

Shared Preferences

Inner Storage

Outside Storage

SQLite Databases

System Connection

19) How are formats set in Android? 

Formats in Android are set as XML records.

20) Where are formats set in Android? 

Formats in Android are set in the design envelope.

21) What is the certain expectation in android?

The Implicit expectation is utilized to summon the framework segments.

22) What is unequivocal expectation in android? 

An unequivocal expectation is utilized to summon the action class.

23) How to call another movement in android? 

Expectation I = new Intent(getApplicationContext(), ActivityTwo.class);


24) What is administration in android? 

An administration is a segment that keeps running out of sight. It is utilized to play music, handle organize exchange, and so forth.

25) What is the name of the database utilized in android? 

SQLite: An opensource and lightweight social database for cell phones.

26) What is AAPT? 

AAPT is an abbreviation for android resource bundling apparatus. It handles the bundling procedure.

27) What is a substance supplier? 

A substance supplier is utilized to share data between Android applications.

28) What is section? 

The section is a piece of Activity by which we can show various screens on one movement.

29) What is ADB? 

ADB represents Android Debug Bridge. It is a direction line instrument that is utilized to speak with the emulator occurrence.

30) What is NDK? 

NDK represents Native Development Kit. By utilizing NDK, you can build up a piece of an application utilizing local language, for example, C/C++ to help the execution.

31) What is ANR? 

ANR represents Application Not Responding. It is a discourse box that shows up if the application is never again reacting.

32) What is the Google Android SDK? 

The Google Android SDK is a toolset which is utilized by engineers to compose applications on Android-empowered gadgets. It contains a graphical interface that imitates an Android-driven handheld condition and enables them to test and investigate their codes.

33) What is an APK group? 

APK is a short structure represents Android Packaging Key. It is a packed key with classes, UI's, strong resources and show. All documents are compacted to a solitary record is called APK.

34) Which language does Android backing to build up an application? 

Android applications are composed by utilizing the java (Android SDK) and C/C++ (Android NDK).

35) What is ADT in Android? 

ADT represents Android Development Tool. It is utilized to build up the applications and test the applications.

36) What is View Group in Android? 

View Group is an accumulation of perspectives and other kid sees. It is an undetectable part and the base class for designs.

37) What is the Adapter in Android? 

A connector is utilized to make a kid view to display the parent see things.

38) What is nine-fix pictures apparatus in Android? 

We can change bitmap pictures into nine segments with four corners, four edges, and a pivot.

39) Which part is utilized in Android? 

Android is a redone Linux 3.6 piece.

40) What is application Widgets in Android? 

Application gadgets are scaled down application sees that can be inserted in different applications and get intermittent updates.

41) Which sorts of banners are utilized to run an application on Android? 

Following are two sorts of banners to run an application in Android:



42) What is a singleton class in Android? 

A singleton class is a class which can make just an item that can be shared by every different class.

43) What is rest mode in Android? 

In rest mode, CPU is dozed and doesn't acknowledge any directions from android gadget with the exception of Radio interface layer and caution.

44) What do you mean by a drawable envelope in Android? 

In Android, a drawable organizer is incorporated a visual asset that can use as a foundation, standards, symbols, sprinkle screen, and so forth.

45) What is DDMS? 

DDMS represents Dalvik Debug Monitor Server. It gives the wide cluster of investigating highlights:

Port sending administrations

Screen catch

String and pile data

System traffic following

Area information parodying

46) Define Android Architecture?

The Android design comprises of 4 parts:

Linux Kernal


Android Framework

Android Applications

47) What is a versatile wi-fi hotspot? 

The versatile wi-fi hotspot is utilized to share web association with different remote gadgets.

48) Name the exchange box which is upheld by Android?

Ready Dialog

Advancement Dialog

Date Picker Dialog

Time picker Dialog

49) Name a few special cases in Android? 

Blow up Exception




50) What are the essential devices used to build up an Android application? 


Eclipse+ADT module

SDK Tools