Capgemini HR Interview Questions

Capgemini HR Interview Questions

Capgemini HR Interview Questions 

1) Tell me about yourself 

My name is Ginni Bhatia. I am from Kurukshetra. I have done Master of Computer Application from ABC College which is associated to Kurukshetra University. I did my scholarly undertaking on refreshed innovation like AI and information mining. I am great in Java and C programming language. As my family foundation is considered, we are 3 in number. My dad is an electronic retailer and my mom is a homemaker. My quality is my self-learning capacities and positive personality. My shortcoming is, I don't take rest until my work is done. My momentary objective is to be a piece of your organization and my long haul objective is to be effective in each parameter of this organization.

2) Why would it be advisable for me to procure you? 

As fresher, I don't have any involvement. On the off chance that you procure me, it is an incredible chance to me to gain some new useful knowledge and accomplish my objectives. This is just conceivable on the off chance that you procured me and I guarantee you that I will put forth a valiant effort and this best is advantageous for our organization.

3) Why would you like to work for our organization? 

It is a significant privilege for me to work in a presumed organization prefers yours on the grounds that it is an extraordinary global organization. It has numerous branches over the world. Worker fulfillment is great in your organization. It's a decent stage for me to exhibit my ability and improve my aptitude and learning.

4) How rapidly do you adjust to new innovation? 

I can alter quickly to new conditions. Since I am clear about my movement part and I am rationally arranged to take up difficulties, I trust I can get on rapidly and apply my new learning.

5) What programming bundles would you say you know about? 

I have a decent information of SQL Server, MySQL, LINUX, Microsoft Word, Excel and so on.

6) How much Salary do you anticipate? 

I can expect something which I can meet my costs.

7) Who has enlivened you in your life and why? 

My dad is my motivation since he generally demonstrates to me the way from nothing to everything. He generally controls me to make progress in each matter of my life. He is likewise my closest companion since he generally proposed me as a companion when I commit a wrong tarnished error.

8) On the size of one to ten, rate me as a questioner. 

Sir, you are increasingly instructed, progressively capable, more experienced than me I am not on a dimension to pass judgment on you.

9) Tell me something about your present moment and long haul objectives. 

My transient objective is to be a piece of your association and my long haul objective is to be fruitful in each parameter of this organization.

10) What makes you furious? 

I get irate when the work given to me isn't done on schedule.