DXC Technology HR Interview Questions

DXC Technology HR Interview Questions

DXC Technology HR Interview Questions

You will be very much arranged about yourself. You should have great learning about the job of employment for which you have confronted talk with, seek about that organization before going to meet. The time will be up to 8-10 minutes.

1) Tell me about yourself and your experience. 


All things considered, my name is Nisha and I am from Bhopal (M.P). I am a B.Tech graduate in Computer Science Engineering from Aligarh Muslim University. My territories of interests incorporate programming advancement, android application improvement, and specialized substance composing, and finding out about the specialized things. As I talk about my experience, we are four individuals from our family: my folks, me and my sibling. My dad is a businessperson and my mom is home-creator. My sibling is in secondary school.

2) Tell me about your scholastics and in the event that you have any build-up. 

Answer: Sir/Mam, I have a total of 7.78 CGPA in B.tech with no accumulation in my entire adventure of scholastics. I finished my Intermediate from D.A.V Public School with 76% and I have 9.0 CGPA in secondary school which I finished from Delhi Public School.

3) In which innovation you are great? 

Answer: I am great in Android Development. I have a decent learning of C, Core Java, and Kotlin dialects. I am additionally great in databases and have an extraordinary order on MySQL inquiries.

4) What do you think about this association? 

Answer: You need to clarify every one of the things about the organization you know.

5) Will you migrate later on? 

Answer: Yes, I will migrate.

NOTE: Must express yes to them.

6) What are your quality and shortcoming? 

Answer: My purpose of solidarity is that I am a trained, dedicated and a confident person. I don't get broken after any disappointment behind my objectives I pursue at whatever point. My most prominent shortcoming is that I misfortune temper in all respects seriously, break the things around me after which I couldn't care less anything about me.

7) What is your fantasy work? 

Answer: I need to carry out the responsibility as an all around gifted programming designer in an association where I will be an all around regarded group pioneer with the famous identity.

8) Do you have international ID? 

Answer: Yes, I have international ID.

9) Have you any inquiry from me? 

Answer: Ask them about your input.

10) Are you accessible for a full time position? 

Answer: Yes, I am accessible for full time position.