Ericsson HR Interview Questions

Ericsson HR Interview Questions

Ericsson HR Interview Questions

1) Tell me something about yourself within 60 sec?
You have to express your short introduction in a confident tone.

2) Why do you want to join Ericsson?
Tell the reasons why you want to join this company.

3) Tell something about Ericsson?
Explore everything about the company before going to the interview.

4) What is that thing, which your friends don't like in yourself?
You can tell your weakness here but make ensure that you don't disclose your negative weakness.

5) Will you relocate comfortably?
It is always good to answer this question positively.

6) Which is your greatest strength?
Tell your strength.

7) Suppose you and your some friends would select in the same company, then what extra effort will you show?
It totally depends on you that how you convince the interviewer.

8) What is the success?
You can tell any quote of a great and successful person.

9) Are you planning for further education?
It totally depends on you.

10) How you handle the pressure?
Tell some positive things about yourself and at least one example where you have shown great sign of maturity to handle pressure.