EXL HR Interview Questions

EXL HR Interview Questions

EXL HR Interview Questions

This is the final round. To clear this round, you must have good knowledge about the role of a job for which you have an interview. You should search about that company before going to interview. The time will be up to 8-10 minutes.

1) Tell me about yourself.
Answer: Well, my name is Amir and I am from Kashmir. I am a B.tech graduate in Computer Science Engineering from Glocal University. My areas of interests include web designing, web development.

2) Just tell about your academics.
Answer: Well Sir/Mam, I have an aggregate of 7.86 CGPA in B.tech without any backlog. I completed my Intermediate from Delhi Public School with 76% and I have 9.2 CGPA in high school which also I completed from Delhi Public School.

3) Why should we hire you?
Answer: I am well-skilled, a hard worker and honest to my work and peoples.

4) Why EXL?
Answer: EXL is a good company where I can enrich my skills and my career will have growth.

5) Where do you want to see yourself after five years from now?
Answer: After five years from now, I want to be a recognized project manager as one of the key factors for the companies' growth and to be among the most prominent leader I decision making the process of the company.

6) In which technology you are good?
Answer: I have very well Web Development skills.

7) Tell about this company what you know?
Answer: Just read the paragraphs in the topmost section.

8) What are your strength and weakness?
Answer: My point of strength is that I am hard-working and a good leader. My weakness is that I don't care about my health.

9) What do you prefer either working alone or in a team?
Answer: I prefer to work in a team focusing on individual goals as well as a common goal of the organization.

10) Have you any question from me?
Answer: Ask them about your feedback.