IndiaMART HR Interview Questions

IndiaMART HR Interview Questions

IndiaMART HR Interview Questions

1) Why should I hire you?
In reality, you're answering for this question the entire time you?re being interviewed by the interviewer. But, if you hear this question directly from the interviewer, this one is easy to answer.

Tell them about how your history and work experience makes you an ideal candidate.
Tell about the skills, abilities, and knowledge you have that is either directly applicable to the job, or transferable in some way.

Tell the interviewer that you want to make the job easier by taking on as much responsibility as possible.

Before the interview, you should research the role you do in the company. Have responses that directly respond to how you'd be the best candidate to do that job.

2) Tell me something about yourself?
a) If you are a fresher

You have to tell your name, highest qualification, secured %, place (where u did), schooling & personal details (family members etc.)

b) If you are experienced person

u have to tell your name, designation, your present the company, location, how many years of experience, highest qualification and u can tell your Achievements or projects.

3) Give your idea for an ideal company?
Do not go so much long, it might give an impression that you are too demanding, some of the answers could be:

An ideal company provides maximum opportunities for the growth of employees.
They provide flexible and comfortable work environment, so that employees can perform their best and work towards company benefit.
A company that encourages learning
A company that encourages open culture

4) In your previous job tell US concerning a number of your achievements?
Talk about your professional achievements if you were recognised as a high performer or you got good feedback from your manager
You can also discuss you annual ratings

5) From whom you has inspired in your life and why?
There are many people that inspire me. I believe in learning from everyone. Every person has some unique or special qualities that can inspire to other person. One has to explore and extract those qualities from everybody.

6) Explain the toughest decision you ever had to make?
Explain why the choice was tough for you, the method you followed in reaching it and therefore the resolute or effective method you carried it out.