Intuit HR Interview Questions

Intuit HR Interview Questions

Intuit HR Interview Questions 

1) Tell me about yourself 

My name is Ginni Bhatia. I am from Haryana. I have done Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering. I did my scholastic undertaking on advancements like AI and Python. I am great in java, and C programming language. As my family foundation is considered, we are 4 individuals in the family. My dad is an electronic businessperson, my mom is a homemaker, and I make them kin. My quality is that I am a self-student and have a positive personality. My shortcoming is, I don't take rest until my work is done.

2) Why would you like to work for our organization? 

It is an amazing privilege for me to work in a lofty organization which causes me for a superior profession.

3) What programming bundles would you say you know about? 

I have a decent learning of SQL Server, MySQL, LINUX, UNIX, DATA WAREHOUSE, DATA MINING, JAVA and so forth.

4) How much Salary do you anticipate? 

I can expect something which I can meet my costs.

5) Can you work under strain? 

Truly, in light of the fact that it propels me to give a valiant effort.

6) What is the distinction among Confidence and Over-Confidence? 

Certainty I can do it.

Presumptuousness: Only I can do it.

7) What is the distinction between diligent work and keen work? 

Diligent work is extremely vital for your life in light of the fact that without diligent work, you can't most likely do shrewd work.

8) Who has motivated you in your life and why? 

My mom is my motivation since she generally demonstrates to me the best approach to live. She generally manages me to make progress in each matter of my life.

9) What are your Strength and shortcoming? 

My quality is that I am straightforward, earnest, and capable. My shortcoming is that I am lethargic.

10) What makes you furious? 

I am getting furious when somebody putting me down.