30+ Microsoft Word Interview Questions

30+ Microsoft Word Interview Questions

30+ Microsoft Word Interview Questions

1) How you can interface with cloud administration on word 2013 ? 

To associate with the cloud administration on word 2013 you need to go to

a Main Menu Open One Drive click on sign in choice enter the email address and it will interface you with cloud administration

2) How you can embed video in Microsoft Word 2013 ? 

To embed video into the word archive you need to go to

Addition an Online Video Media Enter the catchphrase or video you are searching for Press enter click on the video you need to add it To include or download video, click Insert

The video will show up on word as a picture when the download is finished, click on play catch to play your video

3) How you can crumple or extend portions of an archive? 

To make perusers read or see just the part they are keen on, this capacity is helpful. To do this you need to initially offer going to your point as heading 1, heading 2 … .from Home Menu. When this completed a little symbol will show up on the edge of the heading, on tapping on this symbol it will blend the substance and on re-tapping on it, it will grow the substance back to its typical spot.

4) How to alter PDF report in 2013? 

To alter PDF report in 2013,

a) Click the record menu

b) Click on Open symbol

c) Select the PDF record from your neighborhood plate

d) Select the record and snap Open

e) When word shows the enlightening exchange, click alright

f) If word show, the ensured view bar at the highest point of the report, click empower altering

g) You can alter PDF record now with word, when document is altered you can spare it as PDF or in Word group

5) How to include foot-hub and end note in word? 

To include foot hub, bring the cursor toward the finish of page where you need to include the foot hub than go to fundamental menu click on Reference Option click on Insert Footnotes. Moreover you can include end note by clicking "Addition endnote".

6) What is the easy route keys for making hyperlink? 

Make a hyperlink Cntrl +K

7) In MS word 2013 how you can make a client passage shapes ? 

A client section structure can assist you with creating a record with check box, drop down rundown, combo box and some other substance control

To make client passage shapes in Ms word 2013,

Go to File tab Selection Options Click on Customize Ribbon click on check box for 'Designer'

This will add the engineer tab to your strip

To make passage structure, let say you need a structure that incorporate essential data like


Sexual orientation:

Conjugal Status:



Date of birth:

What's more, for that you may require drop down rundown, check box or combo box. To include this

Go to Developer choice in Main menu Select your tag, Click on drop down rundown click on control properties Add data in control properties Click OK

You can do same for rest of passages for occupation, sexual orientation and for date of birth there is an alternate properties accessible in engineer strip 'Date Picker Content Control'

8) In word 2013 how you can embed a section break? 

To embed a section break , as a matter of first importance convey cursor where you need to break the segment at that point

Go to page design choice Select section separate from segment break alternative and select your choice (2, 3, 4 )

9) How to erase a break in segment? 

To erase a break in segment that you never again need

Snap the show/conceal catch on the Home tab in the passage segment to show non-printing characters

Snap in the area break

Press erase catch from console, it will expel break from segment

10) How you can take a screen shot in word 2013? 

Go to INSERT choice In Illustrations choice, click on symbol with camera click on screen cutting alternative and pick the segment you which you need a screen capture

11) How to embed subtitle in your picture? 

To embed subtitle for your picture either Select your picture right snap you will see an alternative "Addition CAPTION". What's more, you can enter the subtleties , the other method to enter inscription is

Select your picture or table at that point, Click on "REFERENCE" menu under reference menu, click on choice "Addition Caption"

A subtitle box will show up, where you can choose inscription for figure, table or condition

12) What is the utilization of XML mapping board in MS word 2013? 

On the off chance that you have included "Designer" TAB in your primary menu, at that point under this tab you have a choice "XML Mapping Panel". This alternative maps xml substance into word report.

13) How to make a Macro in word 2013 ? 

To make a Macro pursue the given advances

On the View tab pick macros Record large scale and give full scale a name in the record large scale exchange box

Snap the console catch to dole out a console alternate way to the full scale

Type a console alternate route blends Ctrl+R and after that click the allot catch

Snap the nearby catch

To quit recording pick macros Stop recording

14) How to make cross referencing in word 2013? 

To make cross referencing pursue the means referenced beneath

Open your statement report and convey cursor where you need to embed cross-referencing

Snap on the " Reference tab"

Presently in inscriptions gathering, click on "Cross reference"

A window will spring up requesting "Reference Type" like – Heading, Figure, Foot Note and so forth.

Select any choice from " Reference Type" and after that click embed

In the wake of bringing cursor where recently reference connect is made, on squeezing "Cntrl+Click" will direct to the reference object

15) How you can limit altering for somebody in word 2013? 

To confine altering, pursue the menu as notice underneath

Go to audit tab, click on Restrict Editing

Spring up window shows up on right half of your report

In spring up window, go to " altering confinement", select the drop down for which you need to put limitation for like just remark , track changes, filling in the structure, or read as it were

At end you will be approached to set a secret phrase for the record to keep get to constrained to you

16) How you can embed an online picture in your statement archive in word 2013? 

To embed picture that is on the web, similar to you have picture on Facebook or Flickr and you need to embed it in word report you can utilize this component

Convey the cursor where you need to embed the picture

Under INSERT tab, click the online picture catch in the representations area.

Supplement discourse box opens

Type an expression that portrays the picture you need in the office.com or Skydrive

Snap on the picture you need to use to choose it

Snap the Insert catch to embed the picture

17) How you can modify the indent sum? 

To modify the indent sum, you need to choose the content which you need indent. After that under "Page Layout" in passage segment, you can set the indent left or right.

18) What is the alternate route to move the inclusion point to the start of the archive?

To move the addition point to the start of the report the easy route key used to +  

19) What is the right technique for making a hanging indent? 

You can make a draping indent by Opening the section exchange box Select "Uncommon" list Select hanging indicate a sum in "By" box.

20) How you can make a custom watermark? 

To make your very own Watermark, Got to Page Layout tab in the Page Background amass click Watermark and select Custom Watermark. Select the Picture Watermark or content watermark alternative and make changes as needs be.

21) What is the easy route key to embed a page break ? 

The easy route key to embed a page break is press +  

22) What is the most effortless approach to spare a graph so you can utilize it another record? 

You can spare an outline as a diagram layout, this will enable you to change the information yet reuse the graph's arranging and styles

23) What you can add to name the estimations of individual graph components? 

Add " information names " to mark the estimations of individual graph components

24) In what ways you can see the distinction between two comparative records? 

To see the distinction between two comparative reports click the look at catches and select analyze from the survey tab in the think about gathering in the Ribbon.

25) How you can acknowledge or dismiss track changes in word 2013? 

To acknowledge or dismiss track changes in word 2013,

Select the track changes made in the record

From the survey tab, click the Accept or Reject direction, the increase will vanish and word will naturally hop to the following change.