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Saturday, 30 March 2019

30+ Selenium Interview Questions

30+ Selenium Interview Questions

Selenium Interview Questions

1) What is test computerization or robotization testing? 

Computerization testing empowers the utilization of particular apparatuses to robotize the execution of physically structured experiments with no human intercession. Computerization testing instruments can get to the test information, controls the execution of tests and looks at the genuine outcome against the normal outcome. Subsequently, creating definite test reports of the framework under test.

2) What are the upsides of mechanization testing? 

Robotization testing underpins both useful and execution test on an application.
  • It bolsters the execution of rehashed experiments. 
  • It encourages parallel execution. 
  • It helps in testing a huge test framework. 
  • It improves precision in light of the fact that there are no odds of human mistakes. 
  • It spares time and cash. 
3) Name a portion of the regularly utilized Automation Testing devices that are utilized for Functional Automation. 
  • Fast Test Professional, given by HP. 
  • Balanced Robot, given by IBM. 
  • Coded UI, given by Microsoft. 
  • Selenium, open source. 
  • Auto It, Open Source. 
4) Name a portion of the regularly utilized Automation Testing devices that are utilized for Non-Functional Automation. 
  • Burden Runner, given by Hp. 
  • JMeter, given by Apache. 
  • Burp Suite, given by PortSwigger. 
  • Acunetix, given by Acunetix. 

5) What is Selenium? 

Selenium is a standout amongst the most generally utilized open source Web UI (User Interface) mechanization testing suite. Jason Huggins created Selenium in 2004 as an inward device at Thought Works. Selenium underpins mechanization crosswise over various programs, stages, and programming dialects.

6) What are the distinctive segments of Selenium? 

Selenium isn't only a solitary device however a suite of software's, each having an alternate way to deal with help robotization testing. It contains four noteworthy parts which include:
  • Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 
  • Selenium Remote Control (Now Deprecated) 
  • WebDriver 
  • Selenium Grid 
7) List out the names of programming dialects, programs and working frameworks that are upheld by Selenium. 

Selenium bolsters different working frameworks, programs and programming dialects. Following is the rundown:

Programming Languages: C#, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl, JavaScript.

Working Systems: Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris.

Programs: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, Safari, and so forth.

8) What are the critical changes/redesigns in different Selenium forms? 

Selenium v1.0:

Rendition 1.0 was the underlying arrival of Selenium.

It included three instruments: Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, and Selenium Grid.

Selenium v2.0:

Selenium WebDriver was presented supplanting Selenium RC in adaptation "2.0".

With the beginning of WebDriver, RC got belittled and moved to the inheritance bundle.

Selenium v3:

The most recent discharge Selenium 3 has new included highlights and functionalities.

It incorporates Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, and Selenium Grid.

9) List probably the test types that are bolstered by Selenium. 

Selenium underpins two sorts of testing:
  • Utilitarian Testing 
  • Relapse Testing 
  • Mental soundness Testing 
  • Smoke Testing 
  • Responsive Testing 
  • Cross Browser Testing 
  • UI testing (black box) 
  • Incorporation Testing 
10) What is Selenium IDE? 

Selenium IDE is executed as Firefox augmentation which gives record and playback usefulness on test contents. It enables analyzers to send out recorded contents in numerous dialects like HTML, Java, Ruby, RSpec, Python, C#, JUnit and TestNG.

Selenium IDE has restricted extension, and the created test contents are not strong, and convenient.

11) What do you mean by Selenese? 

Selenium directions, otherwise called "Selenese" are the arrangement of directions utilized in Selenium that run your tests. For instance, direction - open (URL); dispatches the ideal URL in the predetermined program and it acknowledge both relative and supreme URLs.

A succession of Selenium directions (Selenese) together is known as a test content.

12) What are the diverse methods for finding a web component in Selenium? 

In Selenium, web components are distinguished and situated with the assistance of Locators. Locators determine an objective area which interestingly characterizes the web component with regards to a web application. In this way, to recognize web components precisely and decisively we have distinctive kinds of locators in Selenium:
  • ID 
  • ClassName 
  • Name 
  • TagName 
  • LinkText 
  • PartialLinkText 
  • Xpath 
  • CSS Selector 
  • DOM 
13) what number kinds of WebDriver API's are accessible in Selenium? 

The rundown of WebDriver API's which are utilized to computerize program include:
  • AndroidDriver 
  • ChromeDriver 
  • EventFiringWebDriver 
  • FirefoxDriver 
  • HtmlUnitDriver 
  • InternetExplorerDriver 
  • iPhoneDriver 
  • iPhoneSimulatorDriver 
  • RemoteWebDriver 
14) List out a portion of the Automation instruments which could be coordinated with Selenium to accomplish persistent testing. 

Selenium can be utilized to computerize utilitarian tests and can be incorporated with mechanization test apparatuses, for example, Maven, Jenkins, &Docker to accomplish persistent testing. It can likewise be incorporated with devices, for example, TestNG, &JUnit for overseeing experiments and producing reports.

15) What do you mean by the attestation in Selenium? 

The declaration is utilized as a confirmation point. It checks that the condition of the application fits in with what is normal. The sorts of declaration are "attest", "confirm" and "waitFor".

16) Explain the distinction among attest and check directions? 

Attest: Assert direction checks if the given condition is valid or false. On the off chance that the condition is valid, the program control will execute the following period of testing, and if the condition is false, execution will stop, and nothing will be executed.

Confirm: Verify order likewise checks if the given condition is valid or false. It doesn't end program execution, i.e., any disappointment amid confirmation would not stop the execution, and all the test stages would be executed.

17) What do you mean by XPath? 

XPath is a language utilized for finding hubs in XML records.

XPath can be utilized as a substitute when you don't have a reasonable id or name property for the component you need to find.

XPath gives finding methodologies like:

XPath Absolute

XPath Attributes

18) Explain XPath Absolute and XPath qualities. 

XPath Absolute:

XPath Absolute empowers clients to make reference to the total XPath area from the root HTML tag to the particular components.

Linguistic structure:/html/body/tag1[index]/tag2[index]/.../tagN[index]


XPath Attributes:

XPath Attributes is constantly suggested when you don't have a reasonable id or name quality for the component you need to find.

Grammar:/htmltag[@attribute1='value1' and @attribute2='value2']

Model:/input[@id='passwd' and @placeholder='password']

19) What is the distinction between "/" and "//" in XPath? 

Single Slash "/": Single slice is utilized to make XPath with supreme way.

Twofold Slash "//": Double slice is utilized to make XPath with the relative way.

20) What are the diverse kinds of comments which are utilized in Selenium?

JUnit comments which can be utilized are:








21) What are the WebDriver upheld Mobile Testing Drivers? 

WebDriver upheld "portable testing drivers" are:




22) What are the well known programming dialects upheld by Selenium WebDriver to compose Test Cases? 







23) What is the contrast between sort keys and type directions? 

TypeKeys() will trigger JavaScript occasion in the majority of the cases while .type() won't.

24) What is the contrast among "type" and "typeAndWait" direction? 

"type" order is utilized to type console key qualities into the content box of programming web application. It can likewise be utilized for choosing estimations of combo box while "typeAndWait" order is utilized when your composing is finished and programming page begin reloading. This direction will hang tight for programming application page to reload. On the off chance that there is no page reload occasion on composing, you need to utilize a straightforward "type" order.

25) What is the contrast among findElement() and findElements()? 

findElement(): It is utilized to locate the primary component inside the present page utilizing the given "finding system". It restores a solitary WebElement.

findElements(): It utilizes the given "finding component" to discover every one of the components inside the present page. It restores a rundown of web components.

26) What is the pause? What number of sorts of holds up in selenium? 

Selenium Webdriver presents the idea of hangs tight for the AJAX-based application. There are two sorts of pauses:

Verifiable Wait

Unequivocal Wait

27) What is the fundamental detriment of certain pause? 

The fundamental detriment of certain hold up is that it backs off test execution.

Another impediment of understood hold up is:

Assume, you set the holding up farthest point to be 10 seconds, and the components show up in the DOM in 11 seconds, your tests will be fizzled in light of the fact that you told it to hold up a limit of 10 seconds.

28) What is Selenium Grid? 

Selenium Grid encourages you to disseminate your tests on different machines and every one of them in the meantime. Along these lines, you can execute tests on Internet Explorer on Windows and Safari on Mac machine utilizing a similar content. It decreases the season of test execution and gives brisk input.

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