61+ Web Services Interview Questions

61+ Web Services Interview Questions

Web Services Interview Questions

1) What is Web Service? 

The Web Service is a standard programming framework utilized for correspondence between two gadgets (customer and server) over the system. Web administrations give a typical stage to different applications written in various dialects to speak with one another over the system.
  • Java Web Services API 
  • java web administrations
2) How does a web administration work? 

A web administration is utilized to impart among different applications by utilizing open gauges, for example, HTML, XML, WSDL, and SOAP. You can construct a Java-put together web administration with respect to Solaris that is open from your Visual Basic program that keeps running on Windows. You can likewise utilize C# to grow new web benefits on Windows conjures from your web application that depends on Java Server Pages (JSP) and keeps running on Linux. web administrations

3) What are the benefits of web administrations? 

These are a portion of the vital favorable circumstances of web administrations:

Interoperability: With the assistance of web benefits, an application can speak with other application created in any language.

Reusability: We can uncover the web administration so different applications can utilize it.

Particularity: With the assistance of web administration, we can make an administration for a particular errand, for example, charge estimation.

A Standard convention for each application program: Web administrations utilize standard convention with the goal that all the customer applications written in various dialects can get it. This Standard convention helps in accomplishing cross-stage.

Less expensive expense for correspondence: Web administrations utilizes SOAP over HTTP with the goal that anyone can utilize existing web for utilizing web administrations.

More subtleties..

4) What are the diverse kinds of web administrations? 

There are two kinds of web administrations:
  • Cleanser - It is a XML-based convention for getting to web administrations. 
  • Soothing - It is a design style, not a convention. 
  • sorts of web administrations 
5) What are the primary highlights of web administrations? 

Following is a rundown of primary highlights of web administrations:
  • It is accessible over the Internet or private (intranet) systems. 
  • It utilizes an institutionalized XML informing framework. 
  • It isn't attached to any one working framework or programming language. 
  • It is self-portraying by means of a typical XML language structure. 
  • It is discoverable by means of a basic discover instrument. 
6) What is SOAP? 

The SOAP represents Simple Object Access Protocol. It is a XML-based convention for getting to web administrations. It is stage autonomous and language free. By utilizing SOAP, you can associate with other programming language applications. More subtleties..

7) What are the benefits of SOAP web administrations? 

These are a portion of the vital points of interest of SOAP web administrations:
  • WS Security - SOAP characterizes its security known as WS Security. 
  • Language Independent - Its web administrations can be written in any programming language 
  • Stage Independent - Its web administrations can be executed on any stage. 
8) What are the hindrances of SOAP web administrations? 

These are a portion of the critical detriments of SOAP web administrations:

Moderate - It utilizes XML design that must be parsed to be perused and characterizes numerous measures that must be pursued while building up the SOAP applications. So it is moderate and devours more data transmission and asset.

WSDL Dependent - It utilizes WSDL and doesn't have some other component to find the administration.

9) What are the primary highlights of SOAP? 

The accompanying rundown indicates the highlights of SOAP:
  • Cleanser is a correspondence convention. 
  • Cleanser conveys between applications. 
  • Cleanser is an organization for sending messages. 
  • Cleanser is intended to convey by means of Internet. 
  • Cleanser is stage free. 
  • Cleanser is language free. 
  • Cleanser is basic and extensible. 
  • Cleanser enables you to get around firewalls. 
  • Cleanser created as a W3C standard.
10) What is WSDL? 

The WSDL represents Web Services Description Language. It is a XML record containing data about web administrations, for example, technique name, strategy parameter. The Client needs an information word reference which contains data pretty much all the web administrations with strategies names and parameters rundown to conjure them for the web administrations. The Web Service Description Language connect up this hole, by giving all vital data to the customer.

Some Important components utilized in Web Services Description language are as per the following:

: The message component in WSDL is utilized to characterize every single distinctive datum components for every task performed by the web administration. 

: The port sort component is utilized to decide the task which can be performed by the web administration. This activity can have two messages one is input and the second one is the yield message. 

: This component contains the utilized convention. 

11) What is UDDI? 

The UDDI represents Universal Description, Discovery and Integration. It is a XML based structure for portraying, finding and coordinating web administrations. It contains a rundown of accessible web administrations. WSDL is the piece of UDDI. More subtleties..

12) What is RESTful web administrations? 

The REST represents Representational State Transfer. It is a structural style. It's anything but a convention like SOAP.

13) What are the advantages of RESTful web services?
These are some of the important advantages of RESTful web services:
Fast - The Web Services are fast because there is no strict specification of SOAP. It consumes less bandwidth and resource.
Language Independent - The web services can be written in any programming language.
Platform Independent - The web services can be executed on any platform.
Can use SOAP - The web services can use SOAP web services as the implementation.
Allows different data format - The web service permits different data format such as Plain Text, HTML, XML, and JSON.

14) What is the difference between SOAP and REST web services?
1) SOAP is a protocol. REST is an architectural style.
2) SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol. REST stands for Representational State Transfer.
3) SOAP can't use REST because it is a protocol. REST can use SOAP web services because it is a concept and can use any protocol like HTTP, SOAP.
4) SOAP uses services interfaces to expose the business logic. REST uses URI to expose business logic.
5) SOAP defines standards to be strictly followed. REST does not define too much standards like SOAP.
6) SOAP permits XML data format only. REST permits different data format such as Plain text, HTML, XML, JSON.

15) What is SOA? 

SOA represents Service Oriented Architecture. It is a plan example to give administrations to other application through convention.

SOA Connections

16) What apparatuses are utilized to test web administrations? 

The instruments used to test web administrations are:

SoapUI device for testing SOAP and RESTful web administrations

Notice for firefox program

Mailman augmentation for Chrome

17) What is the upside of XML in web administration? 

In Web administration, a XML is utilized to label the information, design the information.

18) What is the use of WSDL in a web administration? 

WSDL is utilized in web administration to portray the accessibility of administration.

19) What is Interoperability in Web administrations? 

The Web administrations encourage different applications to speak with one another and share information and administrations among themselves. Different applications can likewise utilize the web administrations. For instance, a VB or .NET application can speak with a Java web administrations and the other way around. Web administrations are utilized to make the application stage and innovation free.

20) Explain the inexactly coupled engineering of web administrations. 

A shopper of a web administration isn't attached to that web administration legitimately. The web administration interface can change after some time without trading off the customer's capacity to cooperate with the administration. A firmly coupled framework suggests that the customer and server rationale are firmly attached to each other, inferring that on the off chance that one interface changes, the other must be refreshed. Receiving an approximately coupled engineering will in general make programming frameworks increasingly sensible and encourages less difficult incorporation between various frameworks.

21) What are the upsides of having XML based Web administrations? 

Utilizing XML wipes out any systems administration, working framework, or stage official. So Web Services based applications are profoundly interoperable application at their center dimension.

22) What do you mean by synchronicity? 

Synchronicity is utilized to tie the customer to the execution of the administration. In synchronous summons, the customer squares and trusts that the administration will total its activity before proceeding. Then again, synchronous tasks encourage a customer to summon an administration and after that execute distinctive capacities.

23) What is the utilization of Service Transport Layer in Web administration convention stack? 

The Service Transport Layer is utilized to transport messages between applications.

This layer incorporates Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and more up to date conventions like Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (BEEP).

24) What is the utilization of Service Description layer in Web Service Protocol Stack? 

The Service Description layer is utilized to depict the open interface to a particular web administration. Right now, administration depiction is taken care of by means of the Web Service Description Language (WSDL).

25) What is the utilization of Service Discovery layer in Web Service Protocol Stack? 

The Service Discovery layer is utilized for incorporating administrations into a general vault and giving simple distribute/discover usefulness.

As of now, administration disclosure is dealt with by means of Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI).

26) What is a remote method call (RPC)? 

The Remote technique calls allude to the calls made to the strategies which are facilitated by related web administration.

27) What is implied by SOAP message? 

The SOAP message alludes to the information sent to the application from web administrations. Cleanser message is a XML record which is sent through web administrations to give information to the customer application written in any programming language.

Cleanser message sends by means of utilizing hypertext exchange convention.

28) What is the need of component in the SOAP archive? 

The component is utilized as the root component of each SOAP message. 

The Root component is known as the principal component in the XML Document.

The envelope, thusly, isolated into two sections. One is the header part and second is the body part. The header contains the steering information which stores the source and goal address of the customer. So the body incorporates the genuine information.

29) Explain web administration convention stack and its layers? 

The web administrations comprise of four layers, as referenced beneath:

Administration transport:

This layer is the main layer in the web administrations convention stack utilized in transporting XML records between different customers applications. Conventions utilized in the layer is as per the following:

HTTP (Hypertext exchange convention)

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Blare (Block Extensible Exchange Protocol)

XML Messaging:

This layer is the second layer in the web administrations convention stack dependent on XML display where messages are encoded in like manner XML design which can be justifiable to other customer applications. This layer incorporates the accompanying conventions:


Cleanser (Simple Object Access Protocol)

Administration Description:

This layer gives the administration depiction to the open interface like the area of web administration, Available capacities, And the information types for XML informing. This layer just incorporates one language:

WSDL: WSDL represents Web Service Description Language.

Administration Discovery:

This layer in the Web Services convention stack is utilized to distribute or discovering web benefits over the web. This layer incorporates:

UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and coordination).

30) Explain web administration engineering? 

The web administration system incorporates three distinct layers.

The jobs of these layers are:

Specialist co-op: Role of Service supplier is to make the web administration which makes it open to the customer applications over the Web.

Administration Requestor: Service requestor alludes to any customer of web administration like any customer application. Customer applications are written in any language contact web administration for any usefulness by sending XML demand over the accessible system association.

Administration Registry: Service Registry is the incorporated index System which finds the web administrations for customer applications. Used to locate the current web administrations, just as designers, can likewise make the fresh out of the box new one web administration moreover.

The Service Provider utilizes the interface named as ?Publish? interface of Service Registry to make the current web administrations accessible to customer applications. With all the data given by the administration vault, administration requestor ready to discover or conjure administrations.

31) What is XML-RPC? 

The RPC is Remote Procedure Call. It is the technique utilized for calling a methodology or capacity accessible on any remote PC on the web.

XML-RPC alludes to a basic convention used to perform RPCs by utilizing XML informing. It is a phenomenal instrument for interfacing distinctive conditions and furthermore setting up associations between wide assortments of PCs.

32) Explain BEEP? 

The BEEP represents Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol. Signal is an option in contrast to HTTP and FTP. Blare is resolved as structure new conventions for the assortment of uses, for example, texting, organize the board, record exchange. It is named as new Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) which is layered legitimately over TCP.

A portion of the Build-in highlights of BEEP convention are recorded beneath:



Mistake taking care of

Introductory Handshake Protocol

33) What are the prerequisites to get to a Web Service? 

The prerequisite for getting to web administrations from any application is that should bolster XML-based solicitation and reaction. Thus there is no compelling reason to introduce any application for getting to web administrations.

34) Which language does UDDI use? 

The UDDI utilizes the language known as WSDL (Web Service Description Language).

35) Explain diverse HTTP techniques upheld by RESTful web administrations? 

Enrolled underneath are some basic HTTP techniques alongside their capacities that are bolstered by RESTful web administrations.

GET: Read-just access to the asset.

PUT: Creation of new asset.

Erase: Removal of an asset.

POST: Update of a current asset.

Choices: Get upheld activities on the asset.

HEAD: Returns HTTP header just, no one.

36) What are the means associated with getting to a web administration? 

These are the means engaged with getting to a web administration:

Customer application packaged the data and into a SOAP message.

Cleanser message sends to the server as a collection of Hyper-Text markup language utilizing POST technique.

Web administration unloads the SOAP message and changes over it into an order reasonable by the application.

Application forms the data and thus packaged the information and send it back to the customer as a SOAP message.

A Client at that point unloads the SOAP message to get the outcomes.

37) what number Communication conventions can be utilized to execute a SOAP message? Is SOAP messages are fixing to any convention? 

Correspondence convention alludes to the conventions which were utilized to transmit data over the web. By utilizing Transport conventions, applications from the diverse foundation can rapidly speak with one another without knowing within working of the different frameworks. HTTP (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol) can be utilized to actualize a SOAP message though FTP (File Transfer Protocol) can be utilized as the solid transport system. SMTP and BEEP can likewise be utilized for transport instrument.

Cleanser message isn't attached to any convention. It can utilize any of the open Transport convention.

38) How are the expressions "Stage free" and "Various Application" are identified with one another with regards to XML-RPC? 

The expressions "Stage free" and "Various Application" were identified with one another in light of the fact that XML-RPC utilizes HTTP for transporting SOAP messages over the web. The HTTP is an all inclusive standard convention for trading data on the Web. Consequently, it prompts Cross Platform support/Platform free. So in light of the fact that it is Platform autonomous, it prompts the assorted application fit for getting to the web administrations.

39) Explain the job of web specialist co-op/Publisher. 

The job of a Web Service supplier is to execute web administration and make it accessible to the web administration requestor/buyer.

40) Explain the job of web administration requestor/purchaser. 

The job of Web Service Requestor/Consumer is to use the prior web administration given by the Web Service Provider/Publisher. Web Service Requestor/Consumer demand the Web Service supplier for the data by sending a SOAP message to the Web Service supplier. At that point thusly Web Service Publisher sends the mentioned data back to the requestor as a SOAP message.

41) Write a guide to show the working of the Web Service Provider. 

Here is the case of a Web Service Provider:

utilizing System;

utilizing System.Web.Services;

utilizing System.Xml.Serialization;


open class FirstService : WebService{


open int Add(int an, int b) {

return a + b;



open String SayHello() {

return "Hi World";



42) Explain the contrast between Web Service Provider/Publisher and Web Service requestor/Consumer. 

As the name recommends Web Service Provider gives the web administrations to the different application regardless of their experience, and Web Service Requestor/Consumer as the name proposes is the requestor for the web administrations.