30+ Silverlight Interview Questions

30+ Silverlight Interview Questions

Silverlight Interview Questions

1) What is Microsoft Silverlight?

Microsoft Silverlight is an open-source improvement device that is utilized for making and conveying intelligent client encounters, web applications and media encounters for web and portable application.

2) Is Silverlight perfect with numerous programs and working framework?

Truly. Silverlight is good with numerous programs, gadgets and working frameworks. It is a free module, fueled by .Net system.

3) Which language is utilized to plan the format in Silverlight?

XAML language is utilized to plan the format of Silverlight. XAML represents Extensible Application Markup Language. It is a decisive XML-based language made by Microsoft.

4) What is the diverse advancement apparatuses utilized in Silverlight?

The apparatus utilized with the Silverlight application is the Microsoft Visual Studio. The applications are written in .NET language. In this way, all the related apparatuses with the .NET language will work with the Silverlight also. Microsoft Expression Blend is the apparatus that is utilized to create and structure the Silverlight UI applications. Visual studio is the stage that is utilized to investigate the Silverlight blunders and use mistake free applications. Silverlight for the most part come in the compress organization and it contains the .XAP design that comprises of at least one .NET oversaw gatherings that are put away in .DLL records. It additionally comprises of AppManifest.XAML that contains the passage point including the imperative classes and gatherings.

5) What is RIA?

RIA is an abbreviation represents Rich Internet Applications. These are web application with rich highlights. These highlights incorporate implicit AJAX support, designs, movements, sound, and video parts.

Silverlight is a case of RIA.

6) What are the parts of Silverlight?

Following are four primary segments of Silverlight:

Silverlight Plug-in

Silverlight Host, the Web Page

Silverlight Application File (.XAP)

The Interface language, XAML

7) What do you mean by Silverlight.js record?

Silverlight.js is a partner document which is utilized to empower sites to make advance Silverlight establishment and establishment encounters.

8) What are the distinctive critical documents that are utilized in Silverlight?

There are a few documents that are required to be utilized in silverlight to make it work legitimately and to incorporate the properties of utilizations together:

AppManifest.XAML: It comprise the rundown of all the passage focuses including the class and gathering. This document can be taken and facilitated in any HTML record utilizing an article tag.

Silverlight.js and CreateSilverlight.js: contains the introduction of the Silverlight module that will be utilized in HTML pages.

9) Is ADO.Net objects upheld in Microsoft Silverlight venture?

No. Silverlight ventures don't bolster ordinary ADO.Net objects like DataTable, DataSet, DataColumn, Database association supplier like SqlConnection, OledbConnection objects and so forth.

10) Explain the design of Silverlight?

The design of Silverlight is made of three parts:

Center introduction system: This structure incorporates the parts like information official, vector illustrations, content, activity, pictures for displaying different highlights.

.NET system for Silverlight: It incorporates the libraries and parts like XLINQ, XML serialization, Syndication, base class libraries, systems administration and basic language runtime.

Updater and Installer: It is a control for establishment and gives programmed refreshes.

11) What are the highlights of Silverlight modules?

Silverlight modules accompanies the accompanying highlights:

Introduction Engine

XAML Parser

.NET Parser

.NET Framework

Media Features

Program Interaction


12) What is .xap record in Silverlight?

.xap record is a compacted document for the Silver Application. It contains AppManifest.xaml, accumulate yield gathering of the Silverlight venture (.dll) and some other assets by the Silverlight application. Visual studio makes two documents while making venture; App.xaml and Page.xaml.

13) How might you utilize a .xap document?

The .xap document is utilized to contain and exchange the gatherings and assets of an oversaw code application. This oversaw code application ought to be kept running inside the Silverlight 2 program module.

14) Which instruments are required to construct Silverlight applications?

Following are the two vital devices required to construct Silverlight applications:

Microsoft Expression Studio: This device is utilized by website specialists to make rich visual components for Silverlight applications with improved visual substance and designs.

Microsoft Visual Studio: This device is utilized by developers whose application depends on rationale or requires programming. It grants developer to construct Silverlight applications in any .NET language like C#, Visual Basic.NET, and so on.)

15) Which .NET applications are upheld in Silverlight?

These two .NET applications are bolstered in Silverlight:

Installed Common Language Runtime (CLR)

.NET Framework Libraries

16) How would you be able to have a Silverlight application?

You can have a Silverlight application on most kinds of web server like Apache and IIS (Internet Information Server). On the off chance that you need to have Silverlight application from your web server, you have to permit the accompanying MIME type.

Extension MIME Type

.XAML Application/XAML+XML

.XAP Application/Silverlight-application

17) What is the contrast between WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and Microsoft Silverlight?

Every one of the highlights of Silverlight are fused in WPF. So you can say that Silverlight is the subset of WPF.

Silverlight is much the same as Adobe streak and is intended for creating rich program based web applications while WPF is utilized for creating upgraded illustrations applications for work area stage.

18) How might you perform occasion taking care of in Silverlight?

We can perform occasion dealing with in Silverlight 1.0 by utilizing JavaScript while Silverlight 2.0 utilizations C# (oversaw code) for occasion taking care of.

19) What is the name of Linux variant of Silverlight?

The Linux adaptation of Linux is known as Moonlight.

20) What do you know by Silverlight runtime?

Silverlight runtime is fundamentally a segment which is in charge of downloading the .xap record from the server and encourages clients to see the silverlight substance's yield in the website page.

21) How would you be able to change the startup page of Silverlight application?

First open the App.xaml.cs record

In the Application_Startup occasion handler, set the RootVisual property to the case of the specific Silverlight class.

For instance:

On the off chance that you have a record name known as MainPage.xaml, a class called MainPage will be there in MainPage.xaml.cs.

22) What is detached capacity in Silverlight?

Segregated capacity is a virtual record stockpiling framework in Silverlight which is utilized to store information in a shrouded envelope on your framework. It stores the information in a two separate areas:

Section1: It contains the managerial data like plate quantity.

Section2: It contains the real information.

Each Silverlight application is allotted its own part of the capacity with the present quantity set to be 1 MB for every application.

23) How would you be able to see a Silverlight application in full-screen mode?

The Silverlight application can be appeared full screen mode by utilizing the accompanying order:

Application.Current.Host.Content.IsFullScreen = genuine;

24) Which kinds of video records can be bolstered in Silverlight?

Numerous kinds of video records can be upheld in Silverlight. It can bolster MP3, Window Media Audio Format (wma, wmv 7-9) and VC-1 designs.

25) What is Deep Zoom in Silverlight?

Profound Zoom is one of the elements of Silverlight which is utilized to zoom in and zoom out of the application.

26) Is it conceivable to pass parameters to Silverlight controls from ASP.NET pages?

Indeed. It is conceivable to pass parameters from your aspx pages and HTML pages to the Silverlight controls by setting InitParameters.

The XAML page client control has a property known as InitParameters. From your ASPX pages, you can set an incentive as key esteem sets. Since this property acknowledges key-esteem sets, you can pass any arrangement of string esteems.

27) How would you be able to check the web association status in Silverlight?

You can check the web association status by utilizing the accompanying code:

On the off chance that (NetworkInterface.GetIsNetworkAvailable())


Messagebox.Show("Network accessible");




Message.box.Show("Network not accessible");


28) What is the use of ClientBin organizer?

The ClientBin organizer is utilized in ASP.NET application to utilize the Silverlight functionalities. The ClientBin organizer contains the .xap record that contains the reference of the Silverlight libraries which is later utilized in ASP.NET applications.