70+ ASP.NET Interview Questions

70+ ASP.NET Interview Questions

ASP.NET Interview Questions

1) What is ASP? 

ASP represents Active Server Pages. It is otherwise called great ASP. It is a server-side innovation given by Microsoft which is utilized to make dynamic and easy to understand site pages. It utilizes diverse scripting dialects to make dynamic site pages which can be kept running on any programs.

2) What is ASP.NET? 

ASP.Net is a determination by Microsoft which is utilized to make web applications and web administrations. It is a piece of ".Net structure". You can make ASP.Net applications in the majority of the .Net good dialects like Visual Basic, C#, and so forth. ASP.Net gives much preferred execution over scripting dialects.

3) What is the distinction between the ASP and ASP.NET? 

The fundamental contrast among ASP and ASP.Net is that ASP is deciphered, while ASP.Net is ordered. ASP utilizes VBScript, along these lines when the ASP page is executed, it is deciphered. Then again, ASP.Net utilizes .Net dialects like C# and VB.NET, which is aggregated to Microsoft moderate language.

4) What is IIS? 

IIS represents Internet Information Services. It is made by Microsoft to give Internet-based administrations to ASP.NET Web applications.

5) What is the utilization of IIS? 

Following are the principle utilization of IIS:

IIS is utilized to make your PC to fill in as a Web server and gives the usefulness to create and convey Web applications on the server.

IIS handles the solicitation and reaction cycle on the Web server.

IIS additionally offers the administrations of SMTP and FrontPage server expansions.

The SMTP is utilized to send messages and use FrontPage server augmentations to get the dynamic highlights of IIS, for example, structure handler.

6) What is a multilingual site? 

On the off chance that a site gives content in numerous dialects, it is known as a multilingual site. It contains numerous duplicates of its substance and different assets, for example, date and time, in various dialects.

7) What is storing? Clarify. 

Reserving is the system which encourages you to store every now and again utilized things in memory with the goal that they can be gotten to all the more rapidly.

8) what are the primary necessities for reserving? 

By reserving the reaction, your solicitation is served by the reaction previously put away in memory.

You should be extremely cautious while picking the things to reserve in light of the fact that Caching brings about overhead.

An as often as possible utilized web structure which information doesn't much of the time change is useful for storing.

A reserved web structure solidifies form?s server-side substance, and changes to that content don't show up until the store is revived.

9) What are the upsides of ASP.NET? 

ASP.Net is the up and coming age of ASP innovation stage. It is better than ASP in the accompanying ways:

Exceedingly Scalable

Ordered Code

Client Authentication

Language Support

Outsider control

Setup and Deployment are simple.

Article and Page storing

Exacting coding prerequisites

10) What is the idea of Postback in ASP.NET? 

Postback is a solicitation which is sent from a customer to the server from a similar page client is working with. There is a HTTP POST demand system in ASP.NET. It posts a total page back to the server to revive the entire page.

11) What is the utilized of "isPostBack" property? 

The "IsPostBack" property of page object is utilized to watch that the page is posted back or not.

12) How would you recognize that the page is PostBack? 

There is a property named "IsPostBack" property in Post object, which can be checked to realize that the page is posted back.

13) What is the parent class of all web server control? 

System.Web.UI.Control class

14) What is the distinction between ASP.NET Webforms and ASP.NET MVC? 

ASP.NET Webforms utilizes the page controller approach for rendering design. In this methodology, each page has its controller.

Then again, ASP.NET MVC utilizes the Front Controller approach. In this methodology, there is a typical controller for all pages.

15) What is the distinction between the GET strategy () and POST technique ()? 

No. get technique( ) post strategy( )

1. Data is appended to the URL.

Information isn't appended to the URL.

2. Data isn't verified.

Information is verified.

3. Data transmission is quicker in this technique.

Information transmission is similarly moderate.

4. It is a solitary call framework.

It is a two call framework.

5. Only a constrained measure of information can be sent.

A lot of information can be sent.

6. It is a default technique for some programs.

It isn't set as default. It ought to be unequivocally determined.

16) What is the distinction between session article and application object? 

The session object is utilized to keep up the session of every client. A session id is created if a client enters in the application and when the client leaves the application, the session id is naturally erased.

Then again, the application object is utilized to store the data and access factors from any page in the application.

17) What is the contrast among follow and troubleshoot? 

Troubleshoot class is utilized to investigate manufactures. Follow class is utilized for both investigate and discharge manufactures.

18) What is the distinction between customer side and server-side approvals in WebPages? 

The customer side approval occurs at the customer's side with the assistance of JavaScript and VBScript. This approval has happened before the Web page is sent to the server.

The server-side approval occurs at the server side.

19) What is the distinction between record based reliance and key-based reliance? 

Record based reliance: File-based reliance encourages you to spare the reliance on a document in a circle.

Key-based reliance: In key-based reliance, you rely upon another stored thing.

20) What is the distinction among globalization and confinement? 

Globalization: Globalization is a procedure to distinguish the piece of a Web application that is diverse for various dialects and separate it out from the web application.

Limitation: In confinement, you attempt to arrange a Web application so it tends to be upheld for a particular language or area.

21) What is the distinction between a page subject and a worldwide topic? 

Page Theme: The page topic is connected to specific site pages of the venture. It is put away inside a subfolder of the App_Themes envelope.

Worldwide Theme: The Global topic is connected to all the web applications on the web server. It is put away inside the Themes envelope on a Web server.

22) What is the distinction between early official and late authoritative? 

Early Binding: In early official, a non-virtual technique is called which is chosen at an aggregate time.

Late Binding: In late official, a virtual strategy is called which is chosen at runtime.

23) What is the contrast between server-side scripting and customer side scripting? 

Server-side scripting: In server-side scripting, all the content are executed by the server and deciphered as required.

Customer side scripting: In customer side scripting, the content will be executed promptly in the program, for example, structure field approval, email approval, and so on.

The customer side scripting is normally done in VBScript or JavaScript.

24) How to sign out from structures verification? 

FormsAuthentication.Signout() strategy is utilized to sign out from structures confirmation.

25) How to show approval messages in a single control? 

By the assistance of ValidationSummary control, we can show all approval messages in a single control.

26) What is the distinction among confirmation and approval? 

Validation is a procedure of recognizing client though approval is utilized to check the entrance privileges of a distinguished client.

27) Which object epitomizes state or information of a client? 

Session object.

28) What is ViewState? 

ViewState is an element of ASP.NET to store the estimations of a page before it is submitted to the server. In the wake of posting the page, information from is ViewState is reestablished.

29) What is ViewState data put away?

It is put away in HTML shrouded field.

30) What are the contrasts between the Response.Write() and Response.Output.Write()? 

Response.Write() is utilized for typical yield though Response.Output.Write() is utilized for designed yield.

31) Define the sorts of arrangement records. 

There are two sorts of arrangement records:

Application Level config = Web.config.

Machine Level config = Machine.config.

32) What is the contrast between Web config and Machine config documents? 

Web config document is explicit to web application though Machine config record is explicit to machine or server.

There can be various web config documents in an application however just a single machine config record.

33) What is MVC? 

MVC represents Model View Controller. It is a plan design that is utilized to isolate business rationale and introduction rationale. It is utilized to build up the exceedingly redone application.

The Model speaks to information, View speaks to introduction and controller goes about as an interface among Model and View.

34) What are the worked in items in ASP.NET? 

The major implicit articles are given beneath:








35) What do you mean by Role-based security? 

Job based security is utilized in practically all association, and the Role-based security allocates certain benefits to every job.

Every client is relegated a specific job from the rundown.

Benefits according to job confine the client's activities on the framework and guarantee that a client can do just what he is allowed to do on the framework.

36) What is a treat? 

A Cookie is a little snippet of data which is put away at the customer side. There are two sorts of treat:

Session/Temporary Cookie: legitimate for a solitary session

Constant Cookie: substantial for different session

37) What is the default timeout for a treat? 

30 minutes.

38) How might you turn off treats on a page of a site? 

You need to pursue the techniques given beneath:

Utilize the "Cookie.Discard" property.

It gets or sets the dispose of banner set by the server.

At the point when set to genuine, this property educates the customer application not to spare the Cookie on the hard plate of the client toward the finish of the session.

39) Which convention is utilized to call web administration? 

HTTP convention.

40) What is the document expansion of web administration? 

The File expansion of web administration is .asmx.

41) What are the HTML server controls in ASP.NET? 

HTML server controls are much the same as HTML components that we use on the HTML pages.

HTML server controls are utilized to uncover properties and occasions for use.

To make these controls automatically open, we determine that the HTML controls go about as a server control by including the runat="server" trait.

42) What is the utilization of Global.asax document? 

The Global.asax document is utilized to execute the application-level occasions and sets application-level factors.

43) What is occasion foaming? 

At the point when kid control sends occasions to parent, it is named as occasion foaming. Server controls like Data Grid, Data List, and Repeater can have other kid controls inside them.