50+ DB2 Interview Questions.

50+ DB2 Interview Questions.

DB2 Interview Questions

1) What is DB2? Clarify. 

DB2 likewise known IBM Db2 is a social database the board framework (RDBMS) item structure IBM. It is intended to store, examine and recover information productively.

2) Which parts oversee gridlocks in DB2? 

Locking administrations are given by Locking administrations part known as "Inside Resource Lock Manager" (IRLM) and oversees simultaneousness issues and stops.

3) How would you be able to arrange the secures DB2? 

Locks can be arranged dependent on size, length and mode.

4) On which levels locks can be connected? 

Locking can be connected on both of Page, table and table space.

5) what number kinds of page secures can be held DB2?

Three kinds of page secures can be held DB2:




6) What is the utilization of COMMIT in DB2? 

Submit is utilized to change the information for all time by submits the database changes happen in the present exchange and rolled out that improvements perpetual.

7) What are the different information types accessible in DB2? 

The information types accessible in DB2 are:


Whole number







8) What is the image proviso of Null pointer variable? 

S9(4)COMP is the image provision of an invalid pointer variable.

9) What is the utilization of DB2 Optimizer? 

DB2 Optimizer is utilized to process the SQL proclamation.

DB2 Optimizer can be utilized to improve the execution of SQL.

10) Which part is utilized to execute the SQL explanations? 

Database Services part is utilized to execute the SQL explanation. It likewise oversees cushion pool.

11) Which part is in charge of DB2 startup and shutdown?

Framework Services part is in charge of dealing with DB2 startup and shutdown.

12) What is SQLCA? 

SQLCA represents Server Query Language Communication Area. Fundamentally, it is an accumulation of factors that might be refreshed after the execution of each SQL articulation.

A program having SQL executable articulation can give greatest one SQLCA while in Java it isn't relevant.

13) What is the most extreme length of SQLCA? 

136 is the most extreme length of the SQLCA.

14) Give the name of certain fields structure SQLCA. 

The accompanying three are the fields from SQLCA:




15) What is CHECK limitation in DB2? 

Check limitation is a database decide that checks information honesty. Subsequently, just qualities from the area for the trait or section are permitted.

16) What is DB2 Bind? 

DB2 tie is process that readies an entrance way to the information. This entrance way is put away as a bundle in the DB2 index.

17) What is DBRM? 

DBRM represents Database Request Module. It is a part inside DB2, which is made by the pre compiler of DB2. It contains SQL source explanations that get removed out of the application program. DBRMs structure inputs that are useful in the coupling procedure.

18) What is cradle Pool? 

Cradle pool is a piece of principle memory space. This space is allocated by the database chief. It store table and record information from the plate.

19) What is information administrator? 

Information administrator is a DB2 part that is mindful to oversee physical database. It performs logging and bolting by summoning other framework segments.

20) What do you mean by capacity gathering (STOGROUP)? 

Capacity bunch is a capacity way where information can be put away. A table space can likewise be doled out to capacity gathering.

21) What is the utilization of predicate? 

Predicates are utilized to upgrade the execution of question.

22) What is the physical stockpiling time span information type? 

The physical stockpiling time allotment information type is 3 bytes.

23) What is the physical stockpiling length of DATE information type? 

The physical stockpiling period of time information type is 4 bytes.

24) What is the physical stockpiling length of TIMESTAMP information type? 

TIMESTAMP information type takes 10 bytes and default is YYYY-MM-DD: HH: MM:SS-NNNNNN

25) What is DCLGEN (Declaration Generator)? 

The revelation generator gives a SQL Declare Table proclamation and language like COBOL, C information announcement for a specific table or view.

26) What is the default page size of support pools? 

The default page size of cradle pool is 4kb.





27) Which segment is in charge of preparing SQL articulations and choosing access ways? 

DB2 streamlining agent is utilized to choose the entrance ways and for preparing SQL proclamations.

28) What is simultaneousness in DB2? 

Simultaneousness is the procedure in which beyond what one application can get to the comparative information at same time.

29) Which seclusion level gives most extreme simultaneousness? 

Uncertain read gives most extreme simultaneousness.

30) Which detachment level gives most elevated information respectability? 

Repeatable Read gives most noteworthy information respectability as it holds page and lock the lines until a COMMIT point.

31) What is RCT? 

Asset Control Table (RCT) is controller that coordinates the CICS DB2 interface. Utilizing DSNCRCT, RCT can create a miniaturized scale table.

32) What move DB2 makes when a program prematurely ends amidst an exchange? 

DB2 performs auto rollback when a program is prematurely ended amidst some exchange.

33) Where would you be able to proclaim a cursor in a COBOL-DB2 program? 

A cursor can be proclaimed either in Working Storage Section or in Procedure Division moreover.

34) How would you be able to tally the quantity of lines from a table TAB? 

By applying the accompanying question:


35) What is the greatest size of a CHAR information type in DB2? 

The most extreme size of a CHAR information type in DB2 is 254 bytes.

36) What is the greatest size of VARCHAR information type in DB2? 

The most extreme size of a VARCHAR information type in DB2 is 4046 bytes.

37) What is SPUFI? 

SPUFI represents SQL Processor Using File Input.

38) What is job in DB2? 

In DB2, a job is an object of database that bunch different benefits together and can be relegated to gatherings or client by GRANT articulation.

39) What is cursor steadiness in DB2? 

Cursor steadiness guarantees that any column that has been changed by actuation bunch with a different duty definition can't be perused before submitting.

40) What is the purpose for not utilizing SELECT * in Embedded SQL programs? 

There are three purposes behind not utilizing SELECT * in installed SQL programs:

In the event that you change the table structure for example including a field, the program should be changed.

Program can recover the sections which it probably won't utilize, driving an I/O overhead.

The shot of a file just sweep is lost.

41) What is the utilization of OPEN CURSOR order? 

On the off chance that you utilize the OPEN CURSOR direction with ORDER BY condition, the columns are brought, arranged and owned accessible for the FETCH expression. Generally essentially the cursor is put on the principal push.

42) What is the COBOL picture statement of the DB2 information types DATE, TIME, TIMESTAMP? 




43) What is DCLGEN? 

DCLGEN is represents DeCLarations GENErator. It is utilized to make the host language duplicate books for the table definitions. It additionally makes the DECLARE table.

44) What are the substance of a DCLMGEN? 

Executive SQL DECLARE TABLE proclamation which gives the design of the table as far as DB2 information type.

A host language duplicate book that gives the host variable definitions for the section name.

45) What are the benefits of utilizing a bundle? 

The bundle gives following favorable circumstances:


Simple to plan the applications

Better execution

Concealing data

Included usefulness