31+ Drupal Interview Questions

31+ Drupal Interview Questions

Drupal Interview Questions

1) Explain Drupal. 

Drupal is free, open-source content administration structure written in PHP. Drupal is appropriated under GNU General Public License.

Drupal is a structure which compose, oversee and distribute content effectively and gives a great deal of highlights of customization.

2) What are some most generally utilized PHP based CMS? 

Following are some most generally utilized PHP based CMS:





3) Why Drupal is so well known and called a ground-breaking system? 

Drupal is anything but difficult to learn and deal with. A client with nil programming aptitude can likewise deal with the substance the board and customization of a Drupal's site. That is the reason Drupal is getting prominent step by step.

4) What are framework necessities for Drupal establishment? 

Framework necessities for Drupal 8:

Web server: Apache, Nginx, or Microsoft IIS

Database: MySQL 5.5.3/MariaDB 5.5.20/Percona Server 5.5.8 or higher with PDO and an InnoDB-good essential stockpiling motor, PostgreSQL 9.1.2 or higher with PDO, SQLite 3.6.8 or higher

PHP 5.5.9 or higher

PHP Memory: 60 MB

5) Explain Drupal's highlights. 

Drupal has a ton of highlights:

Straightforward and secure topic

Portable first

Gives multilingual highlights

Simple setup

Simple composition

Snappy alters

Better help

Worked in web administrations

Quick stacking pace

6) What is module in Drupal? 

A module is a lot of codes that expand Drupal highlights and usefulness.

Drupal modules:

Center modules: These modules are incorporated with the principle download of Drupal, and you can turn on their usefulness without introducing extra programming.

Contributed modules: These modules are downloaded from the Modules download area of drupal.org, and introduced inside your Drupal establishment.

You can likewise make your own module "CustomModules" utilizing PHP programming, and Drupal's module API.

7) Write down certain modules that are utilized in Drupal? 

A portion of the modules prescribed are:






8) What is a sub subject in Drupal? 

Sub subjects are much the same as different topics of Drupal however they have a little distinction. Sub subjects acquire the parent's topic. There are many sub subjects that can be associated with their folks. A sub-subject can be an offspring of another sub-topic, and it tends to be stretched and sorted out anyway you see fit. This is the thing that gives sub-subjects incredible potential.

9) What does PDO mean in Drupal? 

PDO represents PHP Data Object. It is a lean and reliable approach to get to databases. It encourages engineers to compose compact codes effectively. PDO isn't a deliberation layer. It is increasingly similar to an information get to layer which utilizes a brought together API.

10) What is DRUSH in Drupal? 

DRUSH is a direction line shell and UNIX scripting interface for Drupal.

11) Can Drupal keep running on direction line? 

Truly. Drupal can keep running on direction line by utilizing DRUSH.

12) Why is Ctools utilized in Drupal? 

Ctools is a lot of APIs and instruments which is utilized to improve the engineer involvement.

13) What are the render clusters in Drupal? 

Render clusters are the essential structure hinders in Drupal. They give you an organized method to automatically change the substance before it is shown.

14) What are fixes in Drupal? 

Patches are the records that contain a rundown of contrasts between one lot of documents, and another. You can make changes like expansion, cancellation in codes through patches. Patches can likewise be utilized to make changes to another duplicate of the first or principle document.

15) Is it conceivable to impair a center required modules through Drupal administrator? 

No. It is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to incapacitate a center required module through Drupal administrator.

16) Explain the database framework in Drupal. 

In Drupal database framework, each kind of data has its own database table. Diverse sorts of data will be put away in various database table. For instance, hubs data is put away in hubs table.

17) What are the upheld databases by Drupal? 

Drupal bolsters MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and in Drupal 7 SQLite.

18) How would you be able to drop a table utilizing module in Drupal? 

To drop a table you can utilize db_drop_table in introduce document.

19) What is Drupal conveyances and when to utilize it. 

Conveyances are full duplicates of Drupal incorporating Drupal center alongside extra programming, for example, modules, libraries and establishment profiles.

Conveyances are utilized for:

Demoing Drupal

Assessing Drupal

Rapidly restricting Site

Learning Drupal

20) What is Drupal weight? 

The term weight in Drupal is utilized to arrange hubs. Hubs with lower weight will be at top of the rundown while hubs with heavier weight will be at lower position.

21) What is Drupal cron? 

The term cron is a daemon that executes directions at indicated interim. Drupal cron executes directions or contents naturally at indicated interim.

22) Name the interpretations accessible in Drupal? 

Dialects in which Drupal can be interpreted are:





23) Name the five reasonable layers in Drupal framework. 

Information (hubs, and so forth)


Squares and menus

Client authorizations

Topics and layouts

24) Explain the API in Drupal 7? 

The field API permits custom information fields to be connected to Drupal substances. Any substance type can utilize field API to make itself "fieldable" signifies enables fields to append to it.

25) What is hub in Drupal? 

Drupal treats all the put away substance on its site as hubs. Any bit of substance like blog, article, page, and so forth is considered as hub. Despite the fact that, the remarks are not put away as hubs but rather they are constantly associated with a hub.

26) What is template.php in Drupal? 

The template.php document in the subject index enables you to abrogate a topic work.

27) Why 'look' work in Drupal is superior to different CMS? 

Drupal incorporates well with outer web indexes, for example, Xapian, Apache solr if the implicit web crawler does not address your issues legitimately.

28) Explain snares in Drupal. 

Snares are Drupal API code which enables module to communicate with Drupal center. Its module framework depends on the snares idea.

29) How to interface with Drupal look frameworks? 

There are three different ways to collaborate with Drupal look framework by actualizing:

nodeapi (update file)



30) How will you include custom PHP codes in Drupal pages or squares? 

Be default, Drupal doesn't permit the inclusion of PHP codes in its pages. To insert PHP codes, you have to enact a Drupal module called PHP channel. Naturally, this module stays handicapped.

31) Explain the utilization of Sections module in Drupal. 

The Sections module permits applying distinctive subjects to various pages in a Drupal site.

32) Explain Taxonomy in Drupal. 

Drupal groups its substance which is called scientific classification and is actualized in the center Taxonomy module.