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Saturday, 6 April 2019

45+ Joomla Interview Questions

45+ Joomla Interview Questions

Joomla Interview Questions

1) Explain Joomla. 

Joomla is an open source Content Management System (CMS) written in PHP. It is a well known CMS alongside WordPress and Drupal. It encourages clients to create online applications and sites. Joomla is based on model-see controller (MVC) web application structure.

2) Explain Mambots in Joomla. 

A Mambot is a little, task-arranged capacity, smaller than expected program or module. It is utilized to change content before presentation, expand site look, include center usefulness and so forth. Mambots are renamed modules in Joomla 1.5.

3) Explain classifications of mambots. 

Mambots can be isolated into 5 types/classes that are shown by sifting in the channel field:






4) What are the upsides of Joomla? 

Following are the fundamental points of interest of utilizing Joomla:

Joomla is open source and completely allowed to utilize.

It gives a great deal of free parts are accessible in extensions.joomla.org/

It has inbuilt authorization and client job.

A single tick updation.

Give basic, rich and easy to understand formats allowed to utilize.

5) Explain disadvantages of Joomla. 

Give constrained alternatives

Module similarity may cause an issue.

Its sites are substantial

Constrained server assets and proficiency

6) What is the landing page in Joomla? 

When you introduce Joomla, it has a menu connect to the frontpage segment which is naturally the landing page of a site.

7) What is position in Joomla? 

Joomla layout shows pages in a particular organization. It separates the pages into various modules like nav, header, footer, top, base, module, and so on. This is known as position.

8) What are the most valuable and propelled highlights or additional items in Joomla? 

Joomla structure has some extremely helpful and propelled highlights that encourage engineers to fabricate some particular applications and sites all around effectively and rapidly. These are:

Stock control frameworks

Information revealing apparatuses

Application spans

Custom item lists

Incorporated web based business frameworks

Complex professional references

Reservation frameworks

Specialized apparatuses

9) Can Joomla be utilized as a blogging stage? 

Indeed Joomla can likewise be utilized as a blogging stage. In any case, different CMS ought to be favored over Joomla for blogging reason.

10) Which database framework does Joomla underpins? 

Joomla bolsters MySQL database.

11) By default what number of tables Joomla have? 

As a matter of course, Joomla have 65 tables.

12) what number Joomla tables are connected with clients? 




13) In which documents database settings are put away in Joomla CMS? 

In Joomla CMS, database settings are put away in the root registry under configuration.php.

14) What is the prefix that Joomla utilizes as a matter of course? 

Joomla have prefix like jos_.

15) Define the idea of Modules. 

Modules are the things which can be appeared through the module administrator in the regulatory interface. They are utilized to expand the ability of Joomla by adding new functionalities to the product. Modules are introduced in the administrator area.

A Joomla module may include:

Principle menu

Top menu

Format chooser



Hit counters and so forth.

16) Which records are required to construct module in Joomla? 



17) In which kinds of sites, Joomla is often utilized? 

It is utilized in following kind of sites

Corporate web-based interfaces

Online media sites

NGO Websites

Individual pages

Online life entries

18) What are the web benefits that Joomla underpins? 

Remote Procedure Calls

XML-RPC administrations

19) How to expel page title from the first page in a Joomla site? 

For this you have to a parameter setting in the first page segment:

Sign in to the authoritative backend.

From the top menu select mainmenu under Menu choice. Snap Home.

On the correct side, select Hide under the Page Title parameter.

20) What are the parts in Joomla? 

Parts can be known as the principle components of Joomla's usefulness. The center components are:





news sources

web interface

21) Name the records required to constructed a part in Joomla. 

Beneath documents are essential records to assemble a part in Joomla:

On administrator side,









On front side,



22) State whether content things can be relegated to various classes or areas? 

No. content things can't be relegated to various classes or areas.

23) How to interface inside substance to another substance thing in Joomla? 

Get the URL for the page you need to connection to. At that point make a connection utilizing any manager or with HTML on the off chance that you dont have WYSIWYG(Editor).

24) What is favicon? How might you change a favicon in Joomla? 

A favicon is a symbol related with a specific site, by and large showed in the location bar of the program. You can change, oversee and transfer another favicon by getting to worldwide arrangement site tab.

25) How would you be able to make a menu connect that isn't interactive? 

You can utilize a connection type separator/placeholder to make a menu interface that isn't interactive (doesn't associate with anything).

26) List some true instances of Joomla. 

Joomla bolsters numerous types and size of sites.

Business sites

Online papers, magazines, and so forth

Non-benefit and hierarchical sites

Corporate sites

Government sites

Family or work force sites

Network based gateway

27) How Joomla is diverse in contrast with Drupal and WordPress? 

Joomla, Drupal and WordPress all are content administration frameworks written in PHP. How about we check the distinction among them.


It is best for tenderfoots.

Simple to utilize.

It functions admirably for little to medium estimated sites and websites.

Gives a great deal of topics, modules and gadgets.


It is useful for E-business kind of destinations, yet requires probably some dimension of specialized coding.

It is easy to understand however progressively complex site advancement alternative.


It is the most troublesome one, yet in addition the most dominant CMS.

It requires some skill and experience to work.

It is utilized to grow most progressive sites.

28) Why the SSL empowered alternative is set to on? 

The page connection will be as "https//.." when you set the SSL empowered alternative is set to on.

29) Which choice would you decide for introduced site metadata? 

We will pick the worldwide data choice.

30) Which record is stacked for giving menu bar to administrator interface? 

Loader.php record is stacked by index.php for giving menu bar.

31) Can you control the work area application with joomla? 

Regardless of the way that Joomla is expected for web applications however we can likewise control some work area applications. Joomla server can speak with work area applications by following some standard conventions.

32) Explain Breadcrumb Module in Joomla? 

Breadcrumb shows various leveled portrayal with snap capable connections for the clients to figure out where they are in the site and enable them to explore back.

33) Explain Meta Description in Joomla Menu Manager? 

It is a short portrayal of the page in a discretionary section which is shown in the aftereffects of web indexes.

34) Name the editorial manager utilized in Joomla. 

TinyMCE Editor

35) Explain the utilization of expansion administrator in Joomla. 

Expansion administrator expands the usefulness of a Joomla site.

36) Explain Feed Display Module in Joomla. 

The Feed Display Module demonstrates the RSS news sources from a site. It gives refreshed substance to its client from different assets.

37) Explain Who's Online Module in Joomla. 

This module shows the client's data that is getting to the site.

38) Name the Joomla formats. 

Joomla formats:





39) Explain Content Items, areas and classes. 

Content things can be characterized as the HTML pages which are made and overseen by the administrator. Joomla has different classifications of substance things like X-class has at least 0 content pages. We can additionally characterize classes in areas as one classification has 0 additional segments.

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