25+ Laravel Interview Questions

25+ Laravel Interview Questions

25+ Laravel Interview Questions

Question 1. Does Laravel Support Caching?

Answer :

Indeed, Its gives.

Question 2. How To Use Delete Statement In Laravel?

Answer :

DB::delete('delete from clients where id = ?', [1015]);

Question 3. How To Use Update Statement In Laravel?

Answer :

DB::update('update clients set city_id = 10 where id = ?', [1015]);

Question 4. How To Use Insert Statement In Laravel?

Answer :

DB::insert('insert into clients (id, name, city_id) values (?, ?)', [1, 'Web technology',10]);

Question 5. How To Use Select Query In Laravel?

Answer :

$users = DB::select('select * from clients where city_id = ?', 10);


foreach($users as $user){



Question 6. How To Enable The Query Logging?

Answer :

DB::connection()- >enableQueryLog();

Question 7. How To Set Database Connection In Laravel?

Answer :

Database arrangement record way is : config/database.php

Following are test of database document :

'mysql' => [

'peruse' => [

'have' => 'localhost',


'compose' => [

'have' => 'localhost'


'driver' => 'mysql',

'database' => 'database',

'username' => 'root',

'secret word' => '',

'charset' => 'utf8',

'examination' => 'utf8_unicode_ci',

'prefix' => '',


Question 8. What Are Bundles,reverse Routing And The Ioc Container ?

Answer :

Packs: These are little usefulness which you may download to add to your web application.

Turn around Routing: This enables you to change your courses and application will refresh the majority of the pertinent connections according to this connection.

IoC compartment: It gives you Control gives you a technique for creating new items and alternatively instantiating and referencing singletons.

Question 9. Contrast Laravel And Codeigniter?

Answer :

Laravel :

Laravel is a system with expressive, rich language structure

Improvement is agreeable, inventive experience

Laravel is worked for most recent variant of PHP

It is more item situated contrasted with CodeIgniter

Laravel people group is still little, however it is becoming quick.

Codeigniter :

CodeIgniter is an incredible PHP system

Basic and exquisite toolbox to make full-highlighted web applications.

Codeigniter is a more seasoned increasingly experienced structure

It is less article arranged contrasted with Laravel.

Codeigniter people group is expansive.

Question 10. What Are The Feature Of Laravel 5.0?

Answer :

Strategy infusion


Course reserving

Occasions object

Various document framework

Verification Scaffolding

dotenv – Environment Detection

Laravel Scheduler

Question 11. Clarify About Laravel Project?

Answer :

Laravel is a standout amongst the most mainstream PHP systems utilized for Web Development.

This system is with expressive, exquisite grammar.

It depends on model– view– controller (MVC) design.

Question 12. What Are Advantages Of Laravel?

Answer :

Simple and reliable sentence structure

Set-up procedure is simple

customization process is simple

code is constantly controlled with Laravel

Question 13. What Is Laravel?

Answer :

Laravel is an open-source PHP structure created by Taylor Otwell utilized for Developing the sites.

Laravel causes you make applications utilizing straightforward, expressive sentence structure.

Question 14. What Is System Requirement For Installation Of Laravel 5.2 (most recent Version)?

Answer :

PHP >= 5.5.9

OpenSSL PHP Extension

PDO PHP Extension

Mbstring PHP Extension

Tokenizer PHP Extension

Question 15. How To Install Laravel?

Answer :

We can introduce the Laravel in following ways.

Laravel Installer

Writer Create-Project

Question 16. Is Laravel An Open Source?

Answer :

Truly, Download the system and use according to your prerequisite

Question 17. What Is Offical Website Url Of Laravel?

Answer :


Question 18. In Which Language It Was Written?

Answer :


Question 19. What Is Current Stable Version Of Laravel?

Answer :

Rendition 5.2.36 dated June 6, 2016

Question 20. When Laravel Was Launched?

Answer :

June 2011

Question 21. What Developed The Laravel?

Answer :

Taylor Otwell.

Question 22. What Are System Requirement For Laravel 5.0?

Answer :

Following are framework prerequisites:

PHP >= 5.4, PHP < 7

Mcrypt PHP Extension

OpenSSL PHP Extension

Mbstring PHP Extension

Tokenizer PHP Extension