60+ Magento Interview Questions

60+ Magento Interview Questions

Magento Interview Questions

1) Define Magento. 

Magento is an online business stage written in PHP and discharged under the open source permit. It was discharged by Varien, Inc. on March, 31 2008. It gives adaptability and control to the On-line traders over the look and substance.

2) What was the underlying discharge date of Magento? 

Magento was at first discharged on 31st March, 2008.

3) Describe different renditions of Magento. 

Following are the diverse renditions of Magento:

Magento Enterprise Edition

Magento Community Edition

Magento Professional Edition

Magento .go Edition

4) Explain the engineering of Magento. 

Magento is a commonplace MVC application where controller stays at one spot while the models at the other.

5) What is the innovation utilized by Magento? 

In Magento, PHP is utilized as a scripting language while MySQL is utilized as the database.

6) Explain a few highlights of Magento? 

Magento has following essential highlights.

Search engine optimization Friendly

Google sitemap support

Records of Customers

Overseeing orders

Report and investigation

Site the executives


Showcasing advancement and apparatuses

Global help

Incredibly secluded engineering

7) What are the confinements of Magento? 

There are the accompanying confinements of Magento.

Because of the way that it is written in PHP, it is slower in execution as contrast with different stages.

It devours more space in the memory. It can devour gigabytes of RAM amid substantial procedures.

Without Object situated programming, it can wind up complex.

8) How would you be able to improve execution of Magento? 

There are different approaches to improve Magento execution.

Incapacitate any unused modules

Magento Caching

Upgrade your Server

Utilize a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Put Stylesheets at the Top

Put Scripts at the Bottom

Maintain a strategic distance from CSS Expressions

Incapacitating Magento Log

improve the picture

9) How would you be able to make Magento progressively secure for customer. 

You can utilize adhering to guidelines to improve the security of magneto.

Have some perplexing passwords and change them an opportunity to time.

Try not to give the Magento A chance to content Manager remotely got to.

Try not to give the download offices on generation destinations.

10) What sort of web applications are made in Magento.

Magento is fundamentally utilized for shopping basket programming.

11) What is EAV in Magento? 

EAV represents Entity Attribute Value. It is a strategy that encourages clients to add boundless sections to their table essentially.

12) what number tables will be made in EAV module in Magento? Name them. 

EAV module will make 6 tables in database.

They are as per the following:







13) Explain the distinction among EAV and level model.. 

EAV database display is completely in standardized structure. Every section's esteem is put away in their separate information type table which makes it progressively perplexing as they need to join 5-6 tables regardless of whether you need just a single detail. In EAV, sections are called characteristics.

Level model uses only one table. It isn't standardized and utilizes more database space. It isn't useful for dynamic prerequisites where you may need to include some more segments in future. Its execution is quick as it needs just a single inquiry as opposed to joining 5-6 tables. In level model, sections are called fields.

14) What are Magento item types? 

Magento straightforward item: It is utilized for a solitary thing with no particular selectable varieties. For instance, a pen, duplicate, and so forth.

Magento gathered item: It is utilized for a mix of Magento basic item. For instance, a pen and duplicate together.

Magento configurable item: It is utilized for a solitary thing with explicit selectable varieties. For instance, a pen with various shading alternatives.

Magento virtual item: It is utilized for a virtual thing i.e: non touchable thing. For instance, reservation, protection, and so on.

Magento pack item: It is utilized for a heap of basic items. For instance, workstation with different things, for example, processor, hard circle, RAM, and so forth.

Magento downloadable item: It is utilized for online programming things. For instance, PowerPoint introduction, MP3 documents, servers, and so forth.

15) Explain the contrast among Mage::getModel() and Mage::getSingletone() in Magento. 

Mage::getModel(): It makes another article.

Mage::getSingletone(): It first checks the presence of item and on the off chance that object doesn?t exist, at that point it makes another one.

16) Explain ORM in Magento. 

ORM represents Object Relational Mapping. It is a programming procedure used to change over various kinds of information into items and the other way around.

There are two sorts of ORM:

Changes over various kinds of information into articles.

Changes over articles to different sorts of information.

17) Explain diverse modules in Magento. 

Center modules

Business modules

Network modules

18) How to change topic for login clients? 

To change subject for login clients,

if(Mage::getSingleton('customer/session')- >isLoggedIn()):

Mage::getDesign()- >setPackageName('package_name')- >setTheme('themename');


19) How would you be able to include an outside JavaScript/CSS document to Magento? 


or then again


skin_csscss/yourstyle. css

20) State the grammar to call a CMS page in your module's PHTML record. 

$this->getLayout()- >createBlock('cms/square')- >setBlockId('blockidentifier')- >toHtml();

21) When you have to clear the store to see the progressions made in Magento?

When you have included or adjusted XML, CSS or JS records.

22) How to run custom inquiry in Magento? 

To run custom inquiry,

$db = Mage::getSingleton('core/asset')- >getConnection('core_write');

$result=$db->query('SELECT * FROM clients where id=4');

23) How to empower item's custom trait perceivability in frontend? 

In Manage Attributes segment under custom quality, select Yes for "Noticeable on Product View Page on Frontend" and "Utilized in Product Listing".

24) State whether namespace is obligatory while making a custom module in Magento?

No, namespace isn't obligatory while making custom module.

25) Is it conceivable to have more than one network in Magento? 

Indeed it is conceivable.

26) List the enchantment strategies in Magento? 

Enchantment strategies in Magento:









27) what number kinds of sessions are there? Why we utilize diverse sessions in Magento? 

There are to be specific three sessions in Magento:

client session

checkout session

center session

Every one of these sessions are put away in one session as it were. We utilize distinctive sessions on the grounds that occasionally we have to clear just a specific session information and not all session information.

28) How would you be able to reset Magento Files and Directory authorizations? 

Change the catalog to the index where Magento is introduced and execute the accompanying directions.


find. - type d - executive chmod 755


chmod+x magento

29) How to make Magento working with another space?

To let the Magento working with another area, URL choice of Magento base can be changed.

Pursue these means:

select Magento administrator - ? Framework ? design and after that click Web.

Pick unbound choice

Supplant the base URL recorded

30) How will you get first and last thing from the gathering in Magento? 

$collection->getFirstItem() and $collection->getLastItem();

31) Explain the utilization of namespace in Magento? 

Magento center modules are put in mage namespace, center/Mage/Catalog and every single custom module are put in neighborhood/CustomModule.

You can have more than necessary in various namespaces.

32) Explain handles in Magento? 

Handles control the structure of the page to be shown. It chooses which square will be put where in the page. Handle is required each page and each page solicitation can have a few special handles.

33) Explain assemblage include in Magento? 

Arrangement highlight enables us to accumulate all Magento documents to make a solitary incorporate way to expand execution.

34) How to empower Maintenance mode in Magento? 

Make a record named as maintenance.flag and transfer it to Magento home catalog containing following code.

$maintenanceFile = 'maintenance.flag';

on the off chance that (file_exists($maintenanceFile)) {

include_once dirname(__FILE__) . '/blunders/503.php';



35) How to change over default cash to others in Magento? 

To change over default cash to other people, select the money and import cash rates from System-> Manage money > Rates.

Sentence structure:

$convertedPrice = Mage::helper('directory')- >currencyConvert($price, currentCurrency, newCurrency);

36) Explain Google checkout in Magento. 

Magento permits the incorporation of online stores with Google checkout. Google checkout is the online installments administration given by the Google. It works like PayPal.

37) Explain how to change Magento center API setting? 

You need to pursue these means to change Magento center API setting.

Go to Admin menu, pick System - > Configuration

Select Magento Core API on the left half of the Configuration Panel, under Services

Snap on to grow the General Settings segment

Type name of the Default Response Charset that you need to utilize

Decide the Client Session Timeout in short order

Snap the Save Config catch when finished

38) Can all charging data be overseen through Magento? 

You can do the accompanying things through customer Magento account:

You can refresh your charging address.

You can include a Mastercard.

You can see your charging history.

You can include a PayPal account.

You can deliver a print prepared receipt.

39) What are the benefits of applying Connect Patches in Magento? 

In Magento, applying Connect Patches gives following highlights:

Empower simple establishment of bundles with establishment and overwrite any current interpretations for a similar time

Improve security, of course Magento Connect utilizes HTTP to download augmentations rather than FTP

Encourage the augmentation designers to make new expansions with a dash character in the name

Magento heads will be educated now who attempts to introduce an expansion with deficient record framework benefits.

40) How to bring 5 smash hits items automatically in Magento? 


- >addOrderedQty()

- >addAttributeToSelect('*')

- >setPage(1, 5)

- >load();

41) What is codePool? 

Code pool is an idea to pull the code in Magento organized arrangement. It is indicated when you register new module in application/and so forth/modules/Company_Module.xml

There are 3 codePools in Magento: center, network and nearby, which live at application/code/catalog.


_community: It is commonly utilized by outsider expansions.

_core: It is utilized by Magento center group.

_local: Local codePool ought to be utilized for in-hour module improvement and superseding of center and network modules for custom prerequisite.

Living catalog:



So to put it plainly, you can say that codePool encourages Magento to find module inside application/code/for handling