30+ Maven Interview Question

 30+ Maven Interview Question

Maven Interview Question

1) What is Maven? 

Expert is a task the executives device. It depends on POM (Project Object Model). More subtleties.

2) What viewpoints are overseen by Maven? 







More subtleties.

3) What are the upsides of Maven? 

No compelling reason to include container record in each undertaking

Makes right registry structure

Assembles and sends the task

4) What is the direction to check the expert adaptation? 

Type the accompanying order on comfort to know the expert variant.

mvn - rendition

5) What does the manufacture apparatus? 

Produces source code (if the auto-created code is utilized)

Produces documentation from source code

Arranges source code

Bundles arranged code into a JAR or ZIP record

Introduces the bundled code in the neighborhood vault, server archive, or focal store

6) What is the distinction among Ant and Maven? 

Ant Maven

It is a toolbox. It is a system.

It is predominantly an assemble tool. It is for the most part a task the board instrument.

There is no life cycle. There is alife cycle.

Insect doesn't have formal conventions. Maven has a tradition to put source code, aggregated code and so on.

Insect is procedural. Maven is explanatory.

The insect contents are not reusable. The Maven modules are reusable.

7) Why is the utilization of the profile required in Maven? 

For giving likelihood to ventures, we use profiles.

8) What is the language structure for disconnected venture creation? 

The linguistic structure for undertaking creation is:

mvn o packg.

9) How is the spread of modules to kid POMs ceased? 

It tends to be finished utilizing the accompanying linguistic structure:

set to false. 

10) What is the utilization of the prohibition component? 

The component is utilized to prohibit conditions.

11) Define SNAPSHOT as far as expert.

The preview demonstrates the present improvement duplicate.

12) Define Archetype. 

It is a Maven module which is intended for the making of undertaking structure.

7. What does focal storehouse comprise of?

It comprises of a substantial number of libraries that are every now and again utilized.

13) Give the direction for establishment of the JAR record in a nearby vault. 

mvn introduce

14) Mention the periods of cleaning lifecycle. 

The lifecycle of cleaning comprise of:




15) What is the reason for mvn clean direction? 

The order evacuates the objective index before the beginning of an assemble procedure.

16) What is a MOJO? 

A MOJO represents Maven plain Old Java Object. Every MOJO is an executable objective in Maven, and a module is a dissemination of at least one related MOJOs.

17) What is an archive? 

An archive is a registry or spot where every one of the containers and pom.xml document are put away. There are 3 kinds of an archive in Maven:

Neighborhood Repository

Focal Repository

Remote Repository

18) What is a neighborhood storehouse? 

Expert neighborhood storehouse is made by expert in your nearby framework when you run any expert direction. More subtleties.

19) What is a focal archive? 

Expert people group makes expert focal archive on the web. More subtleties.

20) What is a remote archive? 

Expert remote archive is situated on the web by various merchants. So you have to characterize the reliance in pom.xml document physically. It is critical in light of the fact that the greater part of the libraries are absent from the focal storehouse. More subtleties.

21) What is POM? 

POM represents Project Object Model. The pom.xml document contains data of task and undertaking arrangement. More subtleties.

22) What are the assemble stages in Maven? 





joining test




23) What is the order to bundle expert venture? 

mvn - bundle

24) What is the completely qualified relic name of expert venture? 


25) What is a paradigm? 

Paradigm is the expert module. It makes the undertaking structure.