25+ Neo4J Interview Questions

25+ Neo4J Interview Questions

Neo4J Interview Questions

1) Explain Neo4j. 

Neo4J is a NoSQL, composition free, open-source, well known diagram database. It is the world's driving open-source chart database.

2) Why Neo4J is called chart database? 

Neo4J is called diagram database since it stores information structure in chart rather than in tables.

3) In which language Neo4G is composed? 

Neo4J is composed and actualized in Java language.

4) Which inquiry language is utilized by Neo4J? 

Figure Query Language (CQL) is utilized by Neo4J.

5) Which was the Neo4J first form and when was it discharged? 

The main form of Neo4J was Neo4j 1.0 and it was discharged in Feb, 2010.

6) Why is Neo4J utilized? 

Neo4J is primarily utilized for:

Ongoing information examination

Information chart

System and IT activities

Ongoing suggestion motors

Information the board

Personality and Access the board

Interpersonal organization

Protection and Risk the executives

7) Explain the distinctions b/w RDBMS and Graph Database? 

RDBMS and Graph Database both utilize diverse ways to deal with store and recover information. The accompanying table indicates the contrasts between them:

RDBMS Graph Database

Tables Graphs

Rows Nodes

Segments and Data Properties and its Values

Constraints Relationships

Joins Traversal

8) What is the job of structure squares like Nodes, Relationships, Properties and Labels in Neo4J? 

Jobs of structure squares:

Hubs: They are substances equal to columns in table.

Relationship: It associates elements and structure area.

Properties: It contains meta-information and qualities.

Marks: It bunches hubs by job.

9) Which are the few prevalent Graph Databases? 

Neo4J is an exceptionally prominent Graph Database. Other Graph Databases are Oracle NoSQL Database, OrientDB, HypherGraphDB, GraphBase, InfiniteGraph, AllegroGraph and so on.

10) Explain a few highlights of Neo4J. 

Neo4J underpins UNIQUE imperatives.

Neo4J utilizes Native chart stockpiling with Native GPE(Graph Processing Engine).

Neo4J bolsters sending out of question information to JSON and XLS group.

Neo4J gives REST API to be gotten to by any Programming Language like Java, Spring, Scala and so forth.

Neo4J gives Java Script to be gotten to by any UI MVC Framework like Node JS.

Neo4J underpins two sorts of Java API: Cipher API and Native Java API to create Java applications.

For more data:

11) How records are put away in Neo4J? 

Neo4J stores diagram information in various distinctive store documents, and each store record contains the information for a particular piece of the chart for instance connections, hubs, properties and so on.

12) Whjat is the contrast between Neo4J Graph Database and MySQL? 

Contrast among Neo4J and MySQL:


Neo4J contains vertices and edges. Every vertex or hub speak to a key esteem or attribute. In MySQL, traits are affixed in plain table arrangement.

In Neo4J, it is conceivable to store dynamic substance like pictures, recordings, sound etc. In social databases, for example, MySQL, it is hard to store recordings, sounds and pictures.

It gives the capacity of profound inquiry into the database without influencing the execution alongside productive timing. It sets aside longer effort for database look and furthermore badly designed contrasted with Neo4J.

In Neo4j, at least two articles can be connected by making connection between them. It needs relationship and hard to utilize them for associated diagrams and information.

13) What is CQL? How to execute CQL directions in Neo4J? 

CQL represents Cipher Query Language. The "$" brief is utilized to execute all CQL directions in Neo4j.

14) What is object Cache in Neo4J? 

In Neo4J, object reserve is utilized to store singular hubs, their connections and their properties in a structure which is advanced for quick traversal of the diagram. Perusing from article store is 5 to multiple times quicker than perusing from the record cradle reserve.

15) Which inquiry language is utilized by Neo4J? 

Figure Query Language (CQL) is utilized by Neo4J.

16) How would you be able to erase databases in Neo4J? 

Erase directions in Neo4J:

Erase a solitary hub:

MATCH (n:Person { name: 'Obscure' })

Erase n

Erase all hubs and connections:


Separate DELETE n

Erase a hub with its relationship:

MATCH (n { name: 'Andres' })

Separate DELETE n

Erase connections as it were:

MATCH (n { name: 'Andres' })- [r:KNOWS]->()

Erase r

17) Is it conceivable to inquiry Neo4j over the web? 

In that capacity Neo4j got RESTful API, you can question over the web, or you can run it locally. It keeps running in the Heroku or Cloud.

18) What are the distinctive Neo4J CQL order? 

Following the distinctive Neo4J CQL directions:







Return and so forth.

19) What is MATCH direction? Where is it utilized in Neo4J? 

MATCH direction is utilized with RETURN or UPDATE statement. It can't be utilized alone else it will give mistake.

Sentence structure:





The MATCH order can't be utilized alone to get information from the database else it will indicate invalid punctuation mistake.

20) What is the utilization of SET condition in Neo4J? 

SET condition is utilized to add new properties to a current hub or relationship.

21) Is it simple to section a Neo4J diagram over different servers? 

It is exceptionally hard to piece a Neo4J diagram over numerous servers.