25+ Phalcon Interview Question

25+ Phalcon Interview Question

Phalcon Interview Question

1) What is Phalcon? 

Phalcon is an open-source system of PHP programming language. Phalcon is the primary structure that executes ORM in C-programming language.

2) Enlist the highlights of Phalcon. 

Low overhead

MVC and HMVC Pattern

Reliance Injection

Backing for Rest



3) What is loader? 

Loader is a class found under Phalcon\Loader catalog. It additionally handles blunder, for example, if a class does not exist but rather it is brought in any piece of program then uncommon handler is called for dealing with.

4) What is lethargic introduction? 

In Loader if a class is added by its need in program, execution is expanded as just explicit record is incorporated. This procedure is known as sluggish introduction.

5) Enlist the techniques for loader. 

Enrolling Namespaces

Enrolling Directories

Enrolling Classes

Enrolling Files

6) How would we be able to access to backend in Phalcon? 

It is given by logging administrations to application. We can login to various backend utilizing diverse connectors. It offers exchange logging, setup choices, distinctive configurations and channels.

7) Enlist the database motors upheld by Phalcon. 

Phalcon\Db\Adapter\Pdo\Mysql : Mysql

Phalcon\Db\Adapter\Pdo\Postgresql : Postgresql

Phalcon\Db\Adapter\Pdo\Sqlite : SQLite

8) What is PHQL? 

PHQL (Phalcon Query Language) enables client to actualize question language like SQL inquiry language. PHQL is actualized as a parser which associates with RDBMS.

9) Enlist the highlights of PHQL. 

It verifies the code utilizing bound parameters.

It avoids infusion by executing one SQL explanation for each call.

It disregards all remarks which generally utilized in SQL infusions.

It just permits information control articulation to execute.

10) What is Phalcon models? 

Display comprises of data or information of the application. It controls the information by dealing with the guidelines.

11) Enlist the accompanying administrations given by Phalcon. 

Database Independence

Muck usefulness

Propelled discovering abilities

Capacity to relate models

12) What is zephir in Phalcon? 

Zephir represent Ze(nd Engine) Ph(p) I(nt)r(mediate). It is utilized for creation and practicality of augmentations for PHP.

13) What are treats and its sort? 

Treats stores little content records in program. It is known as program treats.

Kinds of treats are:

Session Cookies

Tenacious Cookies

14) Explain steering in Phalcon. 

Steering overseen by its Router part. Switch parts enable us to characterize courses that are mapped to controllers or handlers that gets the solicitation from the application.

15) What is Session? 

Sessions are server-side data stockpiling which helps in client association with the site or web application. Every session is comprises of one of a kind session ID, which is passed to the web server at whatever point the program makes a HTTP demand.

16) What is CSRF? 

CSRF represents Cross Site Request Forgery. CSRF is made to keep the structure esteems from being sent outside our application. It produces an arbitrary nonce (token) in each structure.

17) How would we be able to expand CSRF timeout in Phalcon ? 

CSRF timeout is expanded by expanding the token time since tokens default utilizes sessions.

18) Which convention is utilized to scramble the secret phrase in Phalcon? 

In Phalcon, md5, base64 and sh1 convention is utilized to scramble the secret phrase.

19) Which layout motor is utilized in Phalcon? 

Phalcon utilizes Volt templating Engine. Volt gives Phalcon quick execution as it is exceptionally quick and originator well disposed templating language written in C for PHP. Volt is roused by Jinja and composed by Armin Ronacher.

20) Explain ODM in Phalcon. 

ODM represents Object Document Mapper. It offers a CRUD usefulness, occasions and approvals among different administrations in Phalcon.