40+ RichFaces Interview Questions

40+ RichFaces Interview Questions

RichFaces Interview Questions

1) What is RichFaces? v

RichFaces is an open source, propelled UI segment structure which is utilized to effortlessly incorporate Ajax abilities into JavaServer application.

2) What are the benefits of RichFaces? 

RichFaces gives various points of interest like:

Gives rich UI segments library.

Permits to make custom parts with inherent ajax support.

3) How to design RichFaces in JSF? 

To design RichFaces, we have to download JARs given by Jboss. In the wake of downloading, we can include that in our undertaking.

4) What is the engineering of RichFaces? 

Engineering of RichFaces comprise of the accompanying parts.

Ajax Action Components.

Ajax Containers

5) How to send Ajax demand in RichFaces ? 

RichFaces gives label libraries which are able to send Ajax demand from JavaServer Faces pages.

The and labels are utilized to send an Ajax demand on the snap JavaScript occasion. 

6) Why do we use RichFaces segment? 

The segment creates JavaScript that opens an investigate window, logging application data, for example, solicitations, reactions, and DOM changes. 

7) Why do we use RichFaces outputPanel? 

This part is utilized to aggregate segments to refresh that all in all as opposed to indicate the segments exclusively.

8) How to execute RichFaces schedule in JSF? 

RichFaces gives logbook part that we can actualize in the JSF record.

9) How to execute RichFaces editorial manager in JSF? 

RichFaces gives the segment which is utilized to make a WYSIWYG editorial manager in the HTML page. 

The segment depends on the CKEditor execution. 

10) How to transfer record utilizing RichFaces? 

RichFaces gives the segment which is utilized to transfer documents to the server. It gives bunches of properties that we can use in our application. 

11) What is RichFaces inplaceInput? 

RichFaces gives segment which is utilized to make an editable content box. It enables content to be entered in-line in squares of content. 

12) What is distinction among inplaceInput and inplaceSelect? 

InplaceSelect segment is like the part, then again, actually it utilizes a drop-down determination box to enter message rather than a content field. 

13) What is RichFaces inputNumberSlider? 

It gives a slider to changing numerical qualities. It is utilized to choose numerical incentive by choosing from the slider's range.

14) What is RichFaces inputNumberSpinner? 

This part is a solitary line input field with catches to increment and lessening a numerical esteem. It is utilized to enter esteems by utilizing gave spinner.

15) How to utilize RichFace select in JSF? 

We can utilize it in an auto-finishing mode, where the qualities in the drop-down rundown are given progressively utilizing either the autocompleteMethod or autocompleteList traits.

16) What is the RichFaces orderingList? 

RichFaces gives part to requesting things in a rundown at customer side. We have to utilize the esteem credit to the rundown to be requested. 

17) What is the RichFaces pickList? 

It is utilized to choose things from a rundown. It enables us to change request of chosen things at customer side. We can include, expel things from the source rundown to the objective rundown and the other way around.

18) What is the RichFaces board? 

It is a flanked board with a discretionary header. For essential use, it doesn't require any quality. A with no traits characterized renders a circumscribed locale with no header. 

We should utilize header ascribe to indicate the content to show up in the header.

19) How to actualize RichFaces dataTable in JSF? 

It is utilized to render a table which shows information in forbidden structure. It works with the and parts to list the substance of an information display. 

20) What is distinction between RichFaces dataTable and collapsibleSubTable? 

This segment goes about as a youngster component to the . It repeats through the youngster accumulations in the right now iterated article to make point by point tables. 

21) What is RichFaces list? 

RichFaces gives to render a rundown of things. We can make numerically requested rundown, an un-requested, visual cue list and so on. It utilizes an information display for dealing with the rundown things which can be refreshed powerfully. 

22) How to make table scrollable utilizing RichFaces? 

The is utilized for explore through different pages of tables. It must be puts in a feature of the table. We can likewise utilize the for ascribe to tie parent tables to the scroller. 

23) How to execute RichFaces tree in JSF? 

The segment is utilized to make a progressive tree. It utilizes as a kid segment. 

We can make tweak tree as indicated by our necessity.

24) How to make RichFaces drop-dow menu in JSF? 

The segment is utilized to make a drop-down or a progressive menu. We can utilize it with the part to make menus in an application?s toolbar. 

25) How to make RichFaces toolbar in JSF? 

The segment is utilized to make a level toolbar. Any JavaServer Faces ( JSF) segment can be added to the toolbar. 

The part does not require any ascribes to be characterized for essential utilization. 

26) What is distinction between RichFaces message and messages? 

The segment works like the segment and consequently rendered after an Ajax demand. It is utilized to show all the approval messages of the present website page by and large. 

27) What is RichFaces notifyStack? 

It is utilized to characterize the situation of messages at the website page. Messages shown by or are shown in upper right corner of the site page as a matter of course. 

28) How to actualize RichFaces advance bar in JSF? 

Advancement Bar is utilized to show the status of a procedure. It can refresh either through Ajax or on the customer side, and the look and feel can be completely altered.

29) What is RichFaces apparatus tip? 

It is utilized to give an educational instrument tip. We can join instrument tip to any control and is shown while floating the mouse cursor over the control.

30) What are the highlights of RichFaces? 

RichFaces has following highlights:

JSF Integration

Blunder taking care of