25+ Spring Boot Interview Questions

25+ Spring Boot Interview Questions

Spring Boot Interview Questions

1) What is Spring Boot? 

Spring Boot is a Spring module which gives RAD (Rapid Application Development) highlight to Spring system.

It is utilized to make remain solitary spring based application that you can simply run since it needs next to no spring setup.

2) What are the upsides of Spring Boot? 

Make remain solitary Spring applications that can be begun utilizing java - container.

Install Tomcat, Jetty or Undertow straightforwardly. You don't have to send WAR documents.

It gives obstinate 'starter' POMs to improve your Maven arrangement.

It consequently design Spring at whatever point conceivable.

3) What are the highlights of Spring Boot? 

Web Development


Application occasions and audience members

Administrator highlights

4) How to make Spring Boot application utilizing Maven? 

There are different ways to deal with make Spring Boot venture. We can utilize any of the accompanying way to deal with make application.

Spring Maven Project

Spring Starter Project Wizard

Spring Initializr

Spring Boot CLI

5) How to make Spring Boot venture utilizing Spring Initializer? 

It is a web device which is given by Spring on authority webpage. You can make Spring Boot venture by giving task subtleties.

6) How to make Spring Boot venture utilizing boot CLI? 

It is an apparatus which you can download from the official website of Spring Framework. Here, we are clarifying advances.

Download the CLI apparatus from authority webpage and

7) How to make straightforward Spring Boot application? 

To make an application. We are utilizing STS (Spring Tool Suite) IDE and it incorporates the different advances that are clarifying in steps.

8) What are the Spring Boot Annotations? 

The @RestController is a generalization comment. It adds @Controller and @ResponseBody comments to the class. We have to import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation bundle in our document, so as to execute it.

9) What is Spring Boot reliance the board? 

Spring Boot oversees conditions and arrangement consequently. You don't have to determine rendition for any of that conditions.

Spring Boot overhauls all conditions consequently when you redesign Spring Boot.

10) What are the Spring Boot properties? 

Spring Boot gives different properties which can be determined inside our undertaking's application.properties record. These properties have default esteems and you can set that inside the properties record. Properties are utilized to set qualities like: server-port number, database association arrangement and so forth.

11) What are the Spring Boot Starters? 

Starters are a lot of advantageous reliance descriptors which we can incorporate into our application.

Spring Boot gives worked in starters which makes advancement simpler and quick. For instance, on the off chance that we need to begin utilizing Spring and JPA for database get to, simply incorporate the spring-boot-starter-information jpa reliance in your undertaking.

12) What is Spring Boot Actuator? 

Spring Boot gives actuator to screen and deal with our application. Actuator is a device which has HTTP endpoints. at the point when application is pushed to generation, you can oversee and screen your application utilizing HTTP endpoints.

13) What is thymeleaf? 

It is a server side Java layout motor for web application. It's fundamental objective is to convey rich characteristic formats to your web application.

It very well may be coordinate with Spring Framework and perfect for HTML5 Java web applications.

14) How to utilize thymeleaf? 

So as to utilize Thymeleaf we should include it into our pom.xml record like:



15) How to associate Spring Boot to the database utilizing JPA? 

Spring Boot gives spring-boot-starter-information jpa starter to associate Spring application with social database proficiently. You can utilize it into task POM (Project Object Model) record.

16) How to associate Spring Boot application to database utilizing JDBC? 

Spring Boot gives starter and libraries to associating with our application with JDBC. Here, we are making an application which interfaces with Mysql database. It incorporates the accompanying strides to make and setup JDBC with Spring Boot.

17) What is @RestController comment in Spring Boot? 

The @RestController is a generalization comment. It adds @Controller and @ResponseBody explanations to the class. We have to import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation bundle in our document, so as to actualize it.

18) What is @RequestMapping comment in Spring Boot? 

The @RequestMapping comment is utilized to give directing data. It advises to the Spring that any HTTP solicitation should guide to the comparing technique. We have to import org.springframework.web.annotation bundle in our document.

19) How to make Spring Boot application utilizing Spring Starter Project Wizard? 

There is one all the more method to make Spring Boot venture in STS (Spring Tool Suite). Making venture by utilizing IDE is dependably an advantageous way. Pursue the accompanying strides so as to make a Spring Boot Application by utilizing this wizard.

20) Spring Vs Spring Boot? 

Spring is a web application structure dependent on Java. It gives instruments and libraries to make a total cutomized web application.

Wheras Spring Boot is a spring module which is utilized to make spring application venture that can simply run.